Whilst at CFF I covered Lovedrobe’s snapchat for a bit (more on that to come in another post!) and of course I ended up drooling over a lot of their clothes they were selling there! I had to try on this Cold Shoulder Dip Hem Dress (£55) as I thought it would be perfect for my holidays but thanks to the autumnal colours would carry me through the next few months, if I just add a cardigan to keep the chill away!

I was trying to choose between the green version , which Kitty tried on and looks fabulous in here,  or the more browny burgundies as I do like both colour ways, but as you see I chose the latter as I do love these kind of colours on me. I also then decided to wear the dress for the rest of the day, as the shoulder slits (I wouldn’t quite describe them as cold shoulder as the top of the shoulder is still covered) and the style meant it was a little cooler to wear than the dress I had worn there!

It zips up at the back but I find I don’t need it, as it’s not too tight anywhere on me, the waist comes in but not so much I can’t sit down and enjoy life wearing it, and the length is just right for me, I also like the ever so slightly dipped hem at the back- it makes it perfect for sitting on those horrible straw type chairs you always seem to find in bars abroad, as it actually covers the backs of your legs to save your skin having to suffer the perils of the most uncomfortable imprint!

Size wise I’m in a 20 here which I usually find I need in Lovedrobe dresses, I think an 18 would be too tight on the top part of this dress. I’m loving it and wore it out to this amazing bar- more on that one coming soon- in Tenerife. I like how it’s just so easy to wear but doesn’t look it- it’s the perfect throw on look great dress and bonus is it doesn’t crease! Boom. I’ve now just seen they do the same dress style in a multitude of different prints… It would be rude not to add another to the wardrobe wouldn’t it?