Time Out from the World

As I type this I’ve just touched down back in the UK after spending a rather amazing ten days in Tenerife. I really needed a break and that I got. Since May I’ve visited three different European cities and I’ve loved every one of them, but, sightseeing is tiring! I just needed a full on lay by the pool holiday ya’know? Summer was hectic,isn’t it always, and Autumn is looking the same (I don’t have a free weekend from now until November so wish me luck with that) and I was burnt out. I went hell for leather on my last week at work trying to do my own job and cover holidays and leavers with the help of my boss too, but it was hectic. I start pretty early, plus an hour commute each way at the least then not leaving until 630/7 each day I didn’t have much free time. Needless to say as I was tying up loose ends on the Friday I felt my throat start to go, I knew I’d overdone it. Queue a massive cold, booking emergency train tickets for CFF the next day as I felt too poorly to drive and a last minute panic packing on the Sunday after I’d crashed and burned the Friday night when I was meant to pack. Yep. I needed this holiday. 

Not only was my body telling me to rest my mind was too. I needed total relaxation, lots of sleep and nourishing food. 

Once we arrived I fed myself up on fruit at the hotel buffet, plus freshly made smoothies and croissants as that’s what I was craving, my body was craving. I slept, I slept lots. On one day I racked up a three hour nap and we stayed in so I could feel truly rested and I relaxed, I laid in the sun, I read (I read a whole book it’s been so long since I did that!- it’s called the Thousandth Floor out October-ish I believe and I highly recommend it!). I read whatever on the Internet, I went on social media but didn’t pressure myself to do anything, l walked in the hotels gardens, watched the sunset everyday and  I visited the hotel spa. 

There’s more to come on the Hotel Botanico* but the spa area was literally my haven. We soon discovered the pool there and made that our pool of choice, we did yoga, visited the lanconium and aromatherapy heat rooms and spent ages in the cave jacuzzi and warm hydrotherapy pool. It was just bliss. One of my favourite drier parts was the warm water beds where I spent time totally relaxing. Spas are relaxing to me at the best of times so having it on hand all the time was just perfect for me. 

I used the time away from it all to spend quality time on my own -with my own thoughts and with Mr E and it was just what I needed. My clarity of thought just wasn’t there when it came to blogging whilst away and I’d already started to think about what impact and difference I could make through my little piece of Internet before I went. I used the time to stop writing and gather some ideas to bring home with me to work on. 

I truly enjoyed my time out from the world, I’m feeling more productive, re-energised and excited for the future possibilities! Keep your eyes peeled for something  exciting coming up later too, and keep your eyes on my social today for clues on what it could be! Let me know I’m the comments if you’ve ever felt a similar way and what you did to combat it- I appreciate we all can’t go on holiday to get away from it all! 

*I won my stay at the Hotel Botanico through Jet 2 Holidays. All thoughts and views are my own.