I’m not going to lie, face masks are one of those things that I always buy and swear to use at least weekly then forget about and it’s sits there unloved. That said I’ve been trying to get onboard with multi masking and when I won the full set of The Body Shop face masks from the High Street Body Shop in Meadowhall at their recent blogger event I knew I was going to be more determined than ever to actually use them! It was kind of fate as I bought the body mask brush from the Spa range at the event as I’d been wanting it a while to put my masks on my face and body! 

  Multi masking is all the rage at the moment you’ll have probably noticed a lot of high street brands venturing out to selling multiple types of mid tier priced masks to enable us to buy more than one type to really tackle different parts of our face. Gone are the sheet mask one type fits all of your face craze we were seeing a lot last year. At the event I got to try it out and had the British Rose Fresh Plumping Mask applied to the majority of my face and the Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask applied to my chin and forehead, asnd I must say I was impressed. 

Since then I’ve managed to try out all of the masks, with the Rose one being my firm fave as it works for a lot of my skin including my dermatitis, it doesn’t irritate it and I find my skin on my cheeks especially just soaks it up! Which is good as it’s designed to quench and replump skin which I can confirm it does! 

 I’ve started to use the Charcoal mask on the centre of my nose too (avoiding the sides where my dermatitis lives) and on my chin. I have the deeeeepest pores so this mask is perfect for attempting to draw out any nasties hidden in the depths. It also claims to refine pores which I need ALLL the help with. I’ve only heard people rave about this one and it’s been likened to the glam glow masks so must be good! I must say it’s the best one for my pores for sure. 

Mr E got to try out Chinese Ginseng and Rice Clarifying Polishing Mask as this one is a gentle exfoliating mask and he loves a good face scrub so thought this was a great mask to use on the sides of his face where his skin is tougher thanks to shaving. He declared he couldn’t feel much difference afterwards so I think it’s one to use often to start to see results. I’ve tried it once now on my chin to help smooth out my rough patches there and again I think I need a few more applications to see any difference or benefit. 

I paired it with the Ethiopian Honey Deep Nourishing Mask, which I used on my dermatitis and again found it to be Nourishing and gentle enough, and so far my dermatitis is even slightly better than usual 24hours after using it, so this one could actually become my fave and fast! I’m going to keep going with this one and give the Rose one a rest for a bit so will let you know! 

I also finally used the Amazonian Acai Energising Radiance Mask as I was so run down it was untrue and this mask claims to be perfect for skin that needs to fight fatigue, it looks like jam when applied as it even has pip type exfoliation in it so basically it looks like you’ve put strawberry jam all over your chops! It’s the only downside though as my cheeks felt fabulous after I’d applied this! 

Overall I’m very impressed with the masks, none feel horribly drying, and out of the five I’d say four of them definitely deliver and I’d purchase again at some point. Each one is £15 each for 75ml which is very reasonable, as they go a long way especially with a brush. I’ve even managed to use them more than once so it’s already a great start! Let me know in the comments if you’ve multi masked yet and what you used if you did! 

*I won these items from the Body Shop as always all thoughts and views are my own.