I finally made it to Iceland! After years of saying we would go for my birthday and years of not booking it, deciding it’s too expensive or not bearing to spend our holiday budget going somewhere cold we finally just went for it! There’s more to come about how fantastic it was and some great shots of the country but today I’m sharing some of the fab pieces I took with me to keep me warm, and some of my fave outfit photos to date too. I know I’ve said this before but this has topped everything, thanks to my insta hub Luke for the shots as always!

First up in the keep Lucy warm campaign was this Damart Cardigan (£45)* , as tempted as I was by the ones they have that are classed as thermal (thanks to their merino wool mix) I can’t wear wool so skipped them for this more snuggly and cosy edge to edge cardigan. Of course my love of mustard may have also swayed the decision and the geometric design was the final push to pick it! I’m wearing a size 20/22 which is perfect as a slouchy style and for wearing over a thicker top, or in my case a fleece! I’ve had some compliments on it since getting back too and it looks as good with walking gear as it does my jeans and top, and my mustard dress, it really was the most versatile piece I took alongside my coat. It was also perfect for sitting in the car in without feeling too stiff or constrained which is what you need when touring around Iceland for 5 hours in a car!

I picked up the Regatta Daphnie fleece with rose gold details especially for the trip and combined with the cardigan and base layer from Sweaty Betty I was super snuggly for our day on the Golden Circle tour. The fleece was a bargain at £6.95 (so much so I’ve now got it in blue and red too!) I’m wearing the 18 here and it zips up and is a comfy fit. The base layer top was also under £30 on the sale I got a L and it fits as it’s so stretchy, I’d say it would fit up to a size 20/22 easily depending on your proportions so goes to show it’s always worth trying! They do the prettiest base layers so deffo worth trying out!

Finally my hat! THE best double Pom Pom hat I’ve seen (IMO) I picked it out as one of the things I’d spend my River Island Voucher that I won from Monks Cross on, but I couldn’t find it instore when I went! So spent it on a bag, some shoes and a necklace, then in a twist of fate they’d left the security tag on the bag and so I had to nip to a RI store on our way to Luton and low behold this hat was all over the shop!

As soon as I put it on I knew it had to be mine, as it just really suited me. I think the colour works well with my skin and hair tones and the Pom Poms are so darn fluffy. It’s available still and a lovely colour for spring I feel, at £16 it’s not the cheapest but I love it!

What’s your fave bit of my outfits!? Let me know in the comments below.

Also I was gonna talk about the boots but they’ll be coming up on another post soon about plus size walking and snow gear. Let me know if there’s anything in particular you want to know about in it!?

*Indicates items provided for consideration of review. As always all words and opinions my own.