Alert this is not an announcement of a break up – writing that for a friend who thought me and Luke split up when they read the first few lines of a post last year! Also if you’re not signing this song lyric out of tune in your head WHO even are you?

Just before Christmas I had a busy few weeks , as did we all I bet! But one week in particular was pretty manic, and I ended up with plans for quite a few nights in a row. Now Luke works ages away from Leeds and lots of my lovely friends were busy or otherwise engaged so I just went it alone. The first night was dinner at the new Smokin Bar Leeds*, I rocked up on my lonesome to try out the amazing food and actually ended up sitting with Lauren and her hubby. They insisted I wasn’t third wheeling and it was a lovely way to spend an evening as we got to chatting about lots of things, and it meant Lauren took some fab photos of me whilst there too! If you go you have to try the strawberry cocktail and the pork ribs they were sooo good!

The next night was an invite to the first Joe Browns Store* which has opened in Meadowhall. It was great to hear from the owner again as he is so inspiring – and we got treated to a fab fashion show which included some spring summer sneak peeks too! Those red sandals are on my list! At this one I bumped into Jessica and her OH and ended up chatting to them about computer games, spies and gladiators! Also I want this pink pig. Stat.

Then the day after I ventured to York to Debenhams at Monks Cross and ended up being me myself and I! you can see what I got up to here but I really enjoyed myself! It helped that all the people working there were super lovely, but it was nice to wander, try on and shop on my own.

It was as I crossed the car park I had that feeling of content wash over me, when I thought back to how I would have been in those situations a year ago or more and how I probably didn’t have the confidence to just value my own company and to hang out with other couples on my own- being married it’s not something you really do that often I’ve found! But I really did have fun (shhhh don’t tell Luke!).

Now this post was going to end with how I went to London all on my own and a gig on my own which was the epitome of going places on my own, however, the snow put paid to that and Luke was driving down to come and get me (work and not late enough trains!) so I couldn’t do it as the roads were still just too icy on the way down there especially as we’d be on the road at the coldest hours in -8 degree temps. I decided that it wasn’t worth the risk, and was gutted of course but sometime soon I’m sure I’ll manage something similar!

So now I’ve rambled, tell me, what was the last thing you did on your own? (Keep it clean please!)