For our November adventure we went to Brussels with our friends for the weekend. It was a bit of a random choice as originally we wanted to go to a Christmas market but because of the way we’d timed our New York trip there were none on at the time we could go! So we swapped our original plan of Bruges for Brussels as we managed to get some cheap flights and figured we’d still get to experience Belgium!

To kick off we dropped our bags off at a Gallery owned by our Airbnb hosts so we could get exploring! We went straight to the Grand Place and it was simply stunning!

Then as our friend is vegan we headed straight to The Sister around the corner for lunch and some drinks. The place is super cosy and does the nicest vegan and non vegan food. I mean just look at my sandwich all wrapped up like a parcel! The boys had a Belgian beer flight which they enjoyed whilst me and my friend went for wine. Although service was very slow as it was very busy it’s certainly somewhere I’d recommend if you’re vegan as they had lots of choices including vegan waffles. I won’t lie they weren’t the same as a normal waffle but it did mean out friend got to experience a Belgian waffle which was nice!

Besides waffles and beer the most Belgian thing you can consume is chocolate of course! The gals and guys at had treated me and my friend to a Chocolate Tasting and Walking Tour! We started off in the beautiful shopping gallery of Saint Hubert. We visited some of the original stores of some of the more branded chocolate including Neuhaus (which is v popular on New York I saw!) and Mary’s. Mary’s was my favourite by far and I picked up a few treats whilst there! Just look at the cute packaging even!

We then walked about fifteen minutes up town to more exclusive chocolatiers, where the chocolate was another level! The final stop was at Patrick Roger whose shop was like a gallery and whose lime and basil chocolate won an award (don’t ask me what!) and I can see why! I joked it was like eating Jo Malone but it was the most unusual yet amazing chocolate I’ve ever tasted. The tour lasted for 3 hours so by the time we’d finished it was time to get checked in and changed for our night out.

We had a quiet night , visiting an Italian restaurant followed by a cocktail bar which looked great but was very expensive followed by one of the top rated bars on Tripadvisor – Poechenellekellder for beer (aperol in my case) and a massive plate of Gouda! Perfect. It’s also opposite the number one tourist attraction in Brussels the Mannekin Pis (a fountain of a little boy taking a wee – yep really!).

It was there we ended our evening as we decided to get up for the sunrise- unfortunately our friends didn’t remember that conversation so we were up and at em far too early for a Sunday morning!

*Chocolate Tour provided by , as always thoughts and opinions are my own.