Never have I been more disappointed than when I’ve found the perfect pleated skirt and I find out it has a zip waist. For me a pleated skirt should come with a mandatory elasticated waist because what’s the use if not? For me the pleated midi skirt is a basic everyone should have in their wardrobe, be it plain, printed, satin, chiffon or even pleather it’s just that kind of style that’s easy to wear. However the style seems to be having a moment right now – we saw them styled with jumpers by Balenciaga , matching jackets at Joseph and the quintessentially British mac at Simone Rocha so it looks like the high-street took notice.

Now I’m sure these catwalk wonders maybe didn’t have a good old stretchy waist but real talk- we all need that bit of give after a Sunday dinner so why not make them that way!? What it also means is that you can often size down so the trend becomes more accessible to a wider range of sizes and across main ranges as well as plus size ones in some cases.

As I’d gone a bit mad ordering some fabulous pleated skirts , and gone through the turmoil of finding some gorgeous ones only to find they were zipped ones I figured I’d do a quick round up of some of my fave Elasticated waist ones only!

H&M x Morris & Co

Firstly props to H&M for finally addressing their sizing issues , they do still run small though, and they love a bit of the generic non numeric sizing. So this version is a L and just fits whereas I have another that’s XL and is more my size realistically.


These guys have killed the pleated skirt. This snake print one (£28) is from their core range and a size 16. It just fits me so I’d say up to a 20 is good. Plus it’s a beautiful great snake print with a subtle mint colouring through it too.

Plus Size wise their satin pleated skirts are tdf. I first saw the emerald green floral version (£28) on Stephanie’s Insta Stories and knew I had to have it! I then came across this beautiful abstract leopard print (or fried egg as Luke says) one at £25. The colours of this one are just perfect for the autumn winter and fitted so well into my existing wardrobe. I got a size 18 in both and they are very generous so could have sized down. I’d also say they would fit up to two sizes bigger so if they don’t have your size you’ll be in luck still.

They also do a fab browner snake print one that’s more chiffony- I sent it back though as preferred the grey toned one but if you like a browner one they go for it!

New Look

I’ve got these satin animal print wonders (£22.99 each) coming my way and I love all of them so will be hard to just keep one! The zebra one is different to any of the others I have though so bets are on that one! Photo from New Looks Instagram Account

I’ll let you know how I get on! What I’m really after next though is a gorgeous emerald or forest green one either velvet, sequins or satin for Christmas Day so shout if you find one won’t you!?