Finally Accepting Autumn with Wear All*

If you’re an avid follower of my Instagram ramblings you’ll know I’ve been very resistant to Autumn , mainly because I was going on holiday (did I mention!?) so wanted to cling onto those summer feelings until I got back.

I tried my very hardest to ignore the falling leaves, the drop in temperature and gusty winds on the daily but it was a struggle. It was also nigh on impossible to ignore all the new season goodness dropping online too. Having a penchant for boots, coats and jumpers for the winter I started to plan my autumn winter wardrobe. So when Wear All* got in touch to collaborate I took the opportunity to pick out some autumnal clothing to start my new season wardrobe off right.

I have minor obsessions over many things, and finding the perfect black trouser is one of them. I must have at least 20 pairs, with about six on rotation for work. None of them are really enough to go out in though so when I saw these of the moment Kylie Frill Waistband Belt Crepe Trousers (£23*) I knew I had to try them. They came to about the 7/8 length on me so I rolled them up a little so they cut off my leg a little higher as I often find 7/8 to look just plain half mast on my 5 11 frame. On someone shorter they would be full length so worth noting as I think they are meant to be full length!I’m wearing the size 18 here and they fit perfectly, they are super comfy and look smart too- perfect for work or going out or just frolicking in front of ivy as you do.

I chose this very autumnal print Allie Floral Cold Shoulder Top (£24*) to pair with them and I love it! Is quite long which is a rare to find for me so it meant I could tuck it in with plenty of room to blouse it out the top. If you’re Tall you’ll know how much this excited me! The colour palette of the top is super autumnal and again it’s comfy to wear, I chose a 20 in it but could have easily gone for the 18 I would say.

The only down side to the top is that the material is a printed material and the underside is white with bits of print poking through it- as the cold shoulders are quite loose they often sag down and expose the underside of the material, and the wind can also blow the Frill up as you can see. I would have preferred the sleeves to be tighter , or the parts exposed lined.

My final choice for this outfit was the Long Belted Pocket Open Coat In Wine*. The colour picks out the darker flowers in the top, and I do love a good maroon/burgundy/wine shade in Autumn. This comes in One Size and is part of their core range so I knew I was challenging the fit somewhat, however I was pleasantly surprised. It’s slightly tight across the back of my shoulders so I couldn’t drive in it for example, and I could do with some more material down the front, but it looks good considering! I’d suggest a size 16 would be the max size i would recommend for this but at only £22 it’s worth a try if you like it!

Accessories were in the form of THOSE H&M tassel earrings in red (£8.99) – I’ve made mine clip ons which make them much more bearable to wear! And my new Topshop Anya Furry Strap Bag (£28) another autumnal purchase I couldn’t resist!

I think now we’ve hit November I’m finally ready to accept Autumn and I’ll be doing it happily in this outfit! What’s been your best autumnal find so far!?