Many of you will be in the throes of pumpkin picking, leaf kicking, PSL drinking and Halloween costume planning now we are in mid October. As we took a late holiday this year I’ve been more concerned with suncream applying, sunrise watching and sunset photo taking than I ever have been in this month. Soz to rub it in if you’re more of a summer person like me, but it’s been fab to have this late summer holiday!

Needless to say I’ve been more preoccupied with pretty dresses, sandals and swimwear than I have actually thinking about Halloween or even autumn. This swimming costume was more the type of costume that’s been occupying my mind of late! I don’t usually do swimming costumes, as I’ve got such a long body they often come up short on me, and lets face it, until the last couple of years or so they haven’t been the height of fashion have they? I’m a sucker for a new bikini but never so much a new costume- but I think this one may have just changed the game!

The lovely people at UK Swimwear* offered to send me a piece to take on my holidays so when I got to browsing the site (which has so many lovely bikinis and costumes) this one caught my eye almost immediately. It was the cover up admittedly that first caught my eye- with is striking butterfly wing print it looked fabulous on the model and I knew I really wanted it! Then I saw the costume and it broke all my rules- it was a costume for a start, with straps (long body problem 101) and it was brightly coloured. I don’t know why but I’m drawn more to pastels and darker colours for swimwear usually but this just spoke to me! Luckily for me the team sent me both pieces and it was love at first sight!

The Gottex Monarch Swimsuit* is a lined suit , which makes it feel like it has some control in it but I’m pleased to say it’s doesn’t officially (I’m just not a fan of things that claim to suck you in- I don’t want it!) but it probably does firm when on- the first time I tried to get it on I did struggle as it’s stretch isn’t huge but I’ve now mastered the art. I’m wearing the size 16 here too and I’m a 18 at the moment so that probably didn’t help- but does show it will fit a size up if needed. It is hands down the best quality piece of swimwear I own. At £149.50 it should be, don’t get me wrong, but this will last and last I’ve no doubt about it. It has soft padded cups but no wires thank goodness so it’s comfy to wear both whilst swimming and sunbathing and it’s high leg gives it that modern feel.

Besides the butterfly wing print, the back is the best part about it- the criss cross back is so pretty and is designed to mimic the antenna of the butterfly – everything has been thought of with this design I feel- and again it is comfy. I struggle with cross backs often as my shoulder blades stick out and hate anything going across them like this- but this just naturally fell between them and wasn’t a bother to me at all. I can’t help thinking that it will be perfect for a UK spa day as it’s so comfy but also practical- so many times I’ve struggled swimming with a bikini as the top always wants to come down! This was perfect for the laps I managed to do in our swim up pool.

The Gottex Monarch Silk Cover Up* is equally as stunning, when it catches the breeze the butterfly wing print is just amazing I can’t help thinking it would be fab to wear to a festival with some denim shorts and top with it blowing in the wind! It does look so pretty with the costume too but would equally look good with a plain colour suit or bikini of course. It’s a flat piece of silk with arm holes and a black sash to be used to tie it up whichever way you’d like. I’ve tied it as a Wrap Dress here and it’s perfect for covering up for lunchtime. I also wore it as a Bardot which is my fave way as it’s just that bit looser at the top but either way looks fab. Of course you can just pop it on and have it open, and if you fold the top part down to the arm holes it can then be tied around the waist like a traditional sarong like this.

You can also wrap it across the bust and tie behind the neck – not my style really but it’s multiple ways to wear are appealing.

Made from 100% Silk you know it’s not going to be cheap (£149.95) so is really an investment holiday piece. It’s lightweight and isn’t see through (like most cover ups) and could be worn in an evening if tied up in the right way- so is a good versatile piece especially if you’re trying to travel light. The fact it’s one size means my mum has been eyeing it up to borrow for her holidays, and to be fair it would look just as fab on her size 10 as it’s does me so I’ll be more than happy to lend it her!

I’m super sad that I don’t get to wear either now until that UK spa break happens (cough cough Luke- feel free to treat me!) and I must say it just may have converted me to the swimming costume option for holidays- I won’t ever give up my bikinis but it’s been nice to have a mix. Do you prefer a costume or bikini when you are away!? What do you think to this costume? Let me know in the comments.

*Indicates item provided for consideration of review. As always thoughts and opinions my own.