Feeling Christmassy

I’m sure it’s okay to feel Christmassy now it’s less than a month away! Isn’t it?! Besides the usual triggers of Christmassy feelings (including Boots Gift Guide/Coca Cola Ad/Sky Christmas Channel/First Sprouts of the season/Advent calendar frenzy/morning frost)
I’ve also been to a few events that have really made me get in the Christmas spirit and got me heated up for Christmas parties.

The first was The Body Shop Christmas Event, I got to smell their new Christmas fragrance Glazed Apple which is just utterly divine!
As you saw in my previous post I stocked up on the home fragrance and the shower gel in the scent and I haven’t stopped using the shower gel since.
There were lots of other Christmas goodies and gift sets , but being a fan of penguins my favourite was still the penguin sponge.





Another trip out was the M&Co Christmas party at The Pit in Leeds.
It was a lovely evening filled with lovely bloggers, food and drink and party clothes!
Here’s a cringeworthy video from the evening if you’re interested (I hate myself on camera!)
M&Co Video
But despite being filmed it was nice to just eat, drink and chat whilst looking at pretty clothes, and gave me party outfit inspiration for the coming season.



My favourite piece was the matte sequin kimono, so versatile and would perk up an all black outfit.

The next was the Pandora Wishes event, I’ve never been into Pandora as much as some people I know who have lots of pieces from them, mainly as I like to be a little more statement that delicate most days and when I do go delicate I wear my wedding jewellery pieces. However I’d started to see some larger pieces coming out from the well loved jewellery brand so I popped along to have a look and to browse for present inspiration.
The esssence behind the PandoraWishes campaign is that you can create your own wish list so your partner/friend/family know exactly what you’d like for Christmas. It’s a great idea as I lose track of what charms everyone has so avoids duplication and gives a taster of that persons style and taste.
I know these would be added to mine if myself and Mr E were doing presents this year! I already started to think how the lead ring would look so good with the M&Co Kimono for a party night out…..


The campaign is fronted by some famous faces, and both my picks are from Louise and Jamie Redknapp’s wishlist. They were both there on the night and seemed very lovely as they must have had umpteen selfies taken and we’re still so nice.

Spot the odd one out, don’t you just want to be them?!
I also got to chat to one of my favourite 1Xtra DJ’s Sarah Jane Crawford (you may know her from the X-tra Factor) who hosted and DJ’d at the event , she even remembered chatting to me on the radio a few weeks ago as part of her 3 at 3 slot (I requested Lucy Pearls Dance Tonight, if you’re interested!).

Isn’t she just gorgeous too! I’d regretted not making more of an effort after going to the event after work!
Also by going to these events I’d also been creating a Christmas Gift list of clothes, smellies and jewellery to buy friends and family without realising. Plus a few additions to my own list to Santa.
Double bonus!
Oh and now I’ve put my tree up. Oops.