Did you sense my frustration in the title of this post!? I’ve been on the hunt for a gingham top all season so far. I bought 5 tops from George and they all looked rubbish, I tried a few other places and they all looked cack on me and I was starting to think I may not be cut out for the gingham trend. This made me sad as you all know how much I love to jump on a trend. Then one evening whilst casually browsing ASOS I came across this gem. I’d not heard of Lost Ink before this and sizes were in short supply when I ordered so I quickly added to basket the last size 22 and checked out. 

Luckily they do seem to be quite small fitting so the size 22 fits me fine, the waist sash also helps I think to bring it in a little but I would recommend sizing up in this brand for now.
I love the metal detail which stops the top from looking too girly. I hate gingham that looks too cowgirl and I think that helps. The thick straps means a bra can be worn and it was the perfect top for brunching in then pub gardening in and was super comfy to wear. I hadn’t expected to wear it so soon but when we had the gorgeous weather it had to be done. I paired it with my trusty ASOS Ridley jeans (I mentioned my love of them on She Might Be recently) and some old Primark peep toe shoes. 

Of course my new Crosseyes Sunnies got an outing too, I haven’t stopped wearing them! They’ve finally grown on my husband who disliked them to start with I think it’s because they are pretty darn big which is just how I like them! Luckily him liking things doesn’t stop me wearing them at all it seems but by the end of the shoot he was getting all artsy taking blossom shots in the lenses. 

I can’t wait for more sunny weather so I can bust out this Top again, maybe with a denim skirt- hit me up if you see a nice black denim knee length one won’t you!?