DIY – Chunky Knit Throw with Woolly Mahoosive*

After seeing the chunky knit throw trend grow in popularity over the last year or so I’d been looking at buying one until I remembered I could be quite crafty when given be chance, so decided to give making one a go.

I searched the Internet for a few videos to watch and soon got the hang of what was needed! I just needed the material. I was about to click buy on this Woolly Mahoosive Acrylic Yarn via their eBay store when I saw they were on the hunt for bloggers to collaborate with! And that we did! They’ve recently moved to bigger premises and have started to expand their business plus they were super lovely to chat to which I always think helps! They also sell needles and other bits you might need to really get into the chunky knitting game however I wanted to do a really simple version of the chunky knit throw to hopefully show you that it’s pretty easy to do it yourself! Their Mammoth balls are acrylic (their version of merino wool) which is so important for me as wool makes me itch, but also fab if you’re vegan!

Things I learnt along the way:

  • The stress of wondering if you’ll have enough yarn to finish that last row is real
  • The first row will stretch once you start casting more rows so start about 25% smaller than you actually want it to be
  • The yarn gets everywhere, I’m still finding it weeks later
  • It’s an arm workout- my arms killed for the three days after doing this – and I’d done arm day at the gym before hand to help strengthen up lol

I’m going to explain how I made my chunky knit throw as we all know I’m not a video kind of gal- but if you have any queries shout!

  1. Start by tying one loop at the end of your yarn. Do this by crossing over the yarn, then pulling the right hand side through the hole and pulling tight so you have a knot at the bottom with a loop coming out of it
  2. Measure the length of the loop at this stage, and keep measuring for this row as it’s important they are all the same to ensure a pro finish
  3. Imagine this first row to look more like a plait. Take the loop you created in step one and pull through the yarn length through from the right, (exactly like you did the first time!) and the first loop becomes the knot, and so on. As you thread the yarn you’re looking to create a line so the loop goes to 90 degrees as you thread.
  4. Keep going until you’ve reached the length you want (remembering what I said above!)
  5. To make the corner pull the last loop back upwards and thread the yarn through it but keep that loop upright now
  6. Now it’s time for the main technique. Create a row of upright loops, by pulling the thread through the hole beneath it all the way along. At the end this time you are looping the new loops through the ones you’ve just made, and keep doing . this row after row until you’ve finished
  7. Make sure each loop is the same size as you go though to make sure there’s no holes or uneven parts
  8. When you’ve decided on your final row, grab the end loop and pull it across at 90 degrees to join the loop next to it (to make your corner) then pull all the thread through both, to create a new loop. then pull the new loop across 90 degrees to join the adjacent loop and thread through to create a new loop and so on, when you reach the end thread the end through the last loop to make the final corner and weave the ends through to hide it
  9. And that’s it!

I blooming love it and the 4kg ball was easily enough to make this runner, so would easily make a bottom of bed blanket for a smaller bed or even for this if I didn’t make it as long as this!

Let me know if you attempt this! As it was super easy to do and took about three hours with breaks so probably nearer 2 without distractions!