As part of my 12 in 12 (visiting 12 countries in 12 months)I wanted to visit countries I hadn’t visited before as well as some faves (can not go a year without visiting Barcelona, let’s be real) so decided to look into going to Poland for a cheeky weekend. I’d seen Wroclaw popping up on Kirsty Leanne’s Blog and Instagram and on Ashton Jade’s too (turns out they went together lols) and I think the pretty coloured buildings had stuck with me when I opened up flights to Poland and saw it a destination. So I’m now compiling a few reasons why I think it’s definitely worth going on a trip there:

1. Great Flight Times For a Long Weekend

I left work at 4 on Friday and got home early evening on Monday, so only needed to book one day off! That’s Leeds flights but there’s lots of options across the airports, I’m sure! They also cost about £60 each too so still reasonable even for the days they fly.

2. Affordable Accommodation

Despite the bed of doom, this Wroclaw flat was lovely and wasn’t too far out of the main centre (about a 15 min walk to the square). It worked out to cost just under £33 a night to stay there (including cleaning and service charges etc) on Air BnB. I loved it’s decor and the only downside was the bed- there’s no edge as you can see so we turned the mattress as the first night I could have rolled off the side! Luckily it fit the other way with feet at the edge which was far better than risking my whole body tumbling to its death (I exaggerate of course). Like I say everything else was fab, and the building was pink so even better lol

3. Pastel Buildings Everywhere You Turn

I mean have you seen anything as pretty!? I couldn’t stop staring! These are in Rynek which is the main old square and surrounding buildings and the place to be. I couldn’t stop taking photos of them as they were just so so lovely to look at.

There’s plenty more scattered around though too so be on the look out!

4. Fancy Ass Cocktails

The best mojito I have ever had and it cost me £4! It was so so good. Also check out this fruit concoction from Casa de la musica – it ls their signature cocktail and cost just under £7 but it was so delicious. I’m not sure I’ve seen a more Carmen Miranda Cocktail before. Whiskey in the Jar didn’t have the fanciest but sure did have the strongest!

5. Chimney Cakes

If you’ve never had a chimney cake rectify this ASAP. I had Biscoff spread on mine and it was amazing. Chimney Cale Bakery is the place to go for one. Expect to pay about £3 ish.

6. Pierogi

Classic Polish grub, these are small dumplings filled with various things. We went to Umami which was a lovely decorated restaurant whose menu was based all around differing versions of using wheat (not the one to go for gluten intolerants) where I had a ratatouille inspired pierogi. It was delicious! (And cheap! Two mains, water, cocktail and one starter was under £20)

7. Cheap Travel

Minimum uber fare is £2. We caught them everywhere to save time, and even got one from the airport, it was under a tenner each way, perfect for getting around especially for lazy people like me.

8. Amazing Food

I feel like I’ve talked a lot about food and drink already but it’s so easy to find fab places to eat all around. For the more popular ones be sure to book though!

In order of photos above, Umami/Dinette x2/Iggy Pizza/Revel Toast

9. Real Life Pokemon Hunt with Dwarf Statues

I’m acting cool like this wasn’t my fave thing to whilst there so putting at number 9 makes me seem less childlike. But this is actually such a fab thing to do as you sightsee around! You can get a map to make spotting easier but we preferred to just wander around and spot them as we went! It’s such fun.

10. The MOST Amazing University Building

I haven’t been as in awe of something in quite some time but waking into the hall above certainly got me speechless. There’s also fab views of the city from atop the Mathematical tower, and much less scary than some of the church views (and climbs to get up them!)

So if all of the above sound good then I’d definitely recommend the visit! Let me know if you do go- as would love to hear what you discover!