You’ll know by now I’m pretty obsessed with Christmas and I keep adding decorations to my tree even since I posted this post about how I decorate it! Well it’s not just about the inside and I’ve been looking at what we could put outside this year.

We got this tree last year on the sale and it has copper wire lights and snow and matches our snowy glittery wreath really well I think! I love how simple but affective this part of the house is.

I also do love less simple lights too, and I’m sad to say Robbie the Reindeer hasn’t made it to this year, he’s had a fab old stint though as he’s lasted 5 years of being attached to the side of our house and guttering, through rain wind and snow so I was gutted when Mr E proclaimed he wasn’t coming out of the garage again. Luckily as he broke that news to me Ideal World had already offered to send me this thing of beauty to try out and it’s filled the perfect reindeer shaped hole in my heart! Now there’s a lot of these projector lights around, some from as little as £20, however I’m finding that you do get what you pay for with these, as I’ve had at least two people I know buy the cheaper ones and they haven’t covered their house or even been that bright. I mean if you are going to go into a competition with the neighbours you gotta do it right!

So this is the Lumio 3 Colour Motion Laser Light with wall mount and extender cable so comes in at £89.99 here, reduced from  £119.97. Its a very strong laser product (so it shouldn’t be looked into whilst on) so really shines bright once it’s started – about ten minutes is the recommended time to wait.

So we positioned it originally using the stake it comes with, at the side of our house, and it covers most of our three storey house- and the photos don’t really do it justice as it looks so effective. There’s different colour and movement settings too and it even has a remote to change it and to turn it on and off or pop on a timer.

It also comes with a wall mount which is what we are now going to do, as we have a seperate garage with power, we angled it from there and you can see the area it covers! We will be angling it a little more to the right as my cats were going mad when it shone through the windows!! Like after Christmas this is so coming indoors and being a massive cat toy, if you caught my insta stories you’ll have seen my cat Poppy going and for it! She especially liked it set to plain red. Again I will be monitoring it as it shouldn’t be able to shine in their eyes (or mine!) but it will bring fun all year round.

I am so excited for Christmas! I love stopping at houses with decorations outside, so I’m so happy we have a well lit up house. It’s not quite to the extremes that I’ve driven to look at across the last couple of years but it’s the best we’ve done yet. Do you decorate outside if so please share your photos on twitter with me it will make me super happy!!