Firstly welcome to my first blog post!

I was fortunate enough to be picked to be an #ASOSInsider thanks to my twitter posts on my nail art and love for ASOS and ASOS Curve!

Every so often there will be invites which you can register your interest in, which I did for selfie school
Hosted by ASOS and @oggsie Who is an expert in mobile photography, the session was pitched to learn more about the selfie and how to take one!
I was fortunate enough to get picked and so made Mr E drive me down to ASOS HQ in London to take part.

I was , of course , first to arrive but soon enough lots of fellow pupils started to arrive! It was so nice to see others had traveled from above the Watford Gap for the cause Katie from Notts, Sara from Grantham and Amy from Sheffield. I also met up with Charlotte who’d had a 6hour coach journey and some more local like Amelia and Paula
After some lovely nibbles and a little wine

We headed off to be schooled! We then had 4 challenges, a natural selfie ‘no filter!’ A mirror selfie a’la Kim K , a moody selfie and a composition selfie with more than 1 pic.

I think that was my forte as I’m all about the detail!
I did another composition shot of my favourite images of the day!


We also got a little tour of ASOS which I will do a mini post on in the next few days! As you can see I got to stand on the infamous catwalk!


All in all I had a wonderful day, met some great people and learnt how to take a better selfie! Thanks #accessallasos !