ASOS HQ Sneak Peek

As I mentioned in my #SelfieSchool Post whilst at ASOS HQ I got to have a mini tour of the building!
I managed to take a few quick snaps on my iphone so thought I’d share them with you all.

The outside of Greater London House is immense! It has 2 large cats outside that were part of the original design of the building when it was built to be Carrerra’s cigarette factory. It now houses a number of businesses and charities including ASOS


The inside is just as fab! We walked through most of the working areas, with mood boards


Samples and general chaos!
We then
Got into everyone’s favourite part the studio! There’s a different item shot in there every 5 minutes, that’s a lot of items!
These were the longer skirts waiting to be shot, had to take a photo of them as it reminded me of my ever growing pencil skirt collection.

The other side of the product room was the catwalk!

Of course the rest of the areas were styled, with neon signage, a reclaimed / vintage feel with mismatched furniture and lots of wood


I love the canteen! So hands up , who wants to work there?!?