First Barcelona Post ALERT!

It had to be a fashion one I felt, I surprised myself by managing on hand luggage only for the 4 day trip (like, that is an achievement believe me!) so was looking for nice clothes to wear day and night if needed and this ASOS Curve Stripe Off the Shoulder Midi Sundress (£32) did just the trick.

I’d tried out this style last summer but it was core range and the 18 was just a little too tight around my middle, so it reluctantly was sent back, so when I saw they did this dress is the curve range as well as the core range I was super happy! I ordered a 20 and it’s just right for me. I must admit after a lot of tapas Mr E had to go on button watch as the centre one wanted to keep trying to pop open- It’s time like that when I wish they didn’t have functioning buttons down the centre, it’s not like you’re going to wear it open like a shirt is it!?

It was my only gripe though (well and one of straps kept falling off my slopey shoulder) , the length was perfect for my height, by would look good if you are shorter as would be more of a proper midi dress on you. The cut and fit around the boobs is brilliant for me, there was probably a little more room so could accommodate a medium to large bust in I would say. The cut at the waist is lovely and considering I have no waist the stripes and the cut make me look like I have a slight waist I think- I love.

The faded light blue stripe is so on trend at the moment and is everywhere from ASOS to Warehouse to the Florence and Fred advert (I so want that top and skirt too!) and there’s a similar Boohoo shift dress to this that’s a little more casual available on ASOS I noted.

I wore it with my new River Island Tassel Sandals which are on a seasonal offer at just £20 instead of £35 so be quick if you want a pair as they are such a bargain and my light pink Chaffree shorts* underneath (last featured in this post) they are a super lifesaver for holidays and meant I could enjoy a full says sight seeing in the heat without any bother.

The sandals were so comfy, I always think real suede uppers are best for walking in as they really stretch to your feet and don’t dig in where they shouldn’t. The Ghillie style of these ones means they are great for wide feet, and my usual size 9’s fit in the size 7’s in these thanks to them being so adjustable.

When the sun went in I pulled out my Celuu Bomber Jacket* to keep warm, it gets pretty windy on the open top buses too so it was ideal for travelling in throughout the day too. It’s worth noting that by the time I’d been wearing this dress for 12 hours the back had gotten creased from all the sitting down I’d done on the bus! It didn’t bother me too much but it’s something to consider.

And of course the views! This is morning and dusk at our first hotel SB Diagonal Zero hotel, it had fab sea views one side and mountains the other with a half built concrete hotel between it all, but I figured it was better being abandoned than having people working on it!

It was a private lounge bar/terrace for those who had suites and because we had decided to treat ourselves it meant we got access to it, and it was perfect for photos and just chilling out in (with the complimentary snacks and drinks!)

Let me know in the comments if you’re loving stripes too or what dresses you’ve bought ready for the summer, as let’s be honest you can never have enough!