Let me start with I am obsessed with this place. After going to the pop up evening, I was invited to visit Tapas Revolution once it had opened in Sheffield, Meadowhall. 
Plus I got to take Mr E which meant he was very happy as I had raved so much about the pop up! 

You can’t miss the neon signs as you walk into the Oasis -the eating quarter of the shopping centre. It’s small but perfectly formed with a bar with stools for a quick tapas experience just like in Spain and a seating area just past that if you prefer to stay a little longer. We opted for a table on our first visit as we had time to spare, although the service and the food were very quick. They stock 4 Spanish craft beers and Mr E tried one whilst I opted for a half carafe of rose wine. I loved the decanter it came it, and now want one for home! It just looks classier than a bottle don’t you think?! 

We then pored over the menu, I had some favourites that I wanted to try again so we asked out waiters recommendations and went from there! We ended up with 2 dishes from the nibbles section of the menu:

Manchego with Quince Jelly
– you may think this is expensive for a little bit of cheese and jam but it’s worth every penny, it was both our favourites so much that we debated ordering it for dessert too as it appears on the dessert menu as well as the appetisers! The sweetness of the jelly sets off the flavour of the Manchego which is cut to the perfect thickness for the traditional hard Spanish cheese.

Pan de la Casa– it’s hard to tear me away from Pan con Tomate but our waiter recommended the house special which has Serrano ham on top of the usual tomato base. It’s enjoyable but I still prefer my favourite with just tomato as its loaded with tomato pulp so a bit softer than this variant. Mr E preferred this one- because, meat. 

These both came within minutes of ordering them- to give you an idea on how quick it was we were seated at 20.05 had our first dishes and drinks at 20.16 and had all our dishes and drinks by 20.21!! They recommend 3 dishes each as an estimation of what’s needed to fill up but we ended up with 7, I mean the cheese doesn’t count right?!!

The rest were All from the tapas part of the menu, The next ones were my faves from the pop up:

Pulpo a Gallego which is Octopus with potatoes and paprika on top. Cooked just right so the octopus is not too chewy, and it soft and delicious. 

Chorizo a la sidre
is chorizo cooked in cider, this chorizo has a slight kick to it but not too much and the cider/oil remaining is great for dipping bread into! 
The next dish was chosen by Mr E and was the crispy pork belly with sweet and spicy sauce. The pork belly was crispy and also easily chewable, there wasn’t loads of fat like there can be with pork belly. He sauce was very spicy, unassumingly so, and was a little too much for me so I had to scrape it off, whereas Mr E loved it.

Our final dishes were recommendations from our waiter:

 Tortilla des patatas which is a traditional style Spanish omelette made with potato and was actually very nice, I usually pick a pre made tortilla up on holiday from a Spanish supermarket as they are ideal with salad for a quick lunch, so my standard for a tortilla was set low, down at the ready meal level, so when this fresh, deep tortilla came out I was impressed! The taste is fab and it’s very filling too.
Our final dish is now my favourite – Paella Valenciana which was just superb. As per the big paella that Omar cooked at the pop up, the chicken is just melt in the mouth. The flavour of the paella is amazing too, I haven’t had paella as tasty ever. It’s so moreish and again filling so once we’d finished we only had a little room for desserts!!

We of course had to try the Churros from The Churrerìa which is a separate kitchen and shop across the way. You can get Churros on the go and they even have a loyalty card for there! They’re perfect for a mid shop energy boost.  We also tried the chocolate flan which was just melt in the mouth. Finished off with a shot of coffee for Mr E and we left feeling full. 

Like I said I’ve been back since this visit and popped in on my own after shopping. I took a seat at the bar and was made to feel very welcome, it can often be awkward eating on your own I think, but this style of seating means you don’t look like you’ve been stood up and is nice and casual! Plus it’s quick and easy so perfect if you’ve got to the hangry stage of hungry. I had the Paella, Manchego and Pan con Tomate and some of their handmade lemonade which is just perfect! The second time with Mr E we had a Paella each as we enjoyed it that much before, but had the calamari this time instead of the Pulpo and it was equally as well cooked with no terrible stringyness like you can get on poor quality badly/over cooked squid in other restaurants. 

I think it’s safe to say I’m highly recommending this as a place to eat, and it’s firmly at the top of my list of places to eat out in Sheffield! Let me know if you go there or if you have any tapas recommendations in Yorkshire!