As the title suggests I went along to the TILI Gifts launch, last week to see what this new company was all about. TILI (Thanks, I Love It!) is run by two best friends, who when one of them moved as their partner was in the forces struggled to find a nice gift that they could get posted to them. After that they came up with the idea behind TILI. There’s three pre-selected boxes with themes behind them for the launch, The Lush (£29.50- alcohol theme), The Glam (£36- makeup/pamper theme) and The Treat (£24.50- general nice things theme ha!). The minimalist is coming soon and I think it will be right up my street! 

I do love that all the items in the boxes are UK made with The Yorkshire Soap Company, Sweet Cecily’s, Doisy and Dam, Westford Mill, Mrs Cross Nail Shop, Ivy Lace London, Meri Meri and Lydia Meying all being part of the boxes. You can also add cards to be sent with the boxes designed by Lydia to add another touch to the gift. It’s such a fab idea! The boxes themselves are designed well, and well packaged in light greys and peaches mainly. 

As part of the launch we designed our own boxes, Rhi won a box with her design (it had a KITTEN in for goodness sakes, and thanks to me and Jennie’s suggestion she put air holes in- very important lol!) mine was a badly drawn mermaid themed box,but was still fab obviously ahahah! 

 I do hope the boxes do well as they’d be a fab birthday or Christmas gift especially for those of us that struggle to pick out something or need to do it quick (usually because I’ve forgotten!!).and I really love the fact that it’s all small UK business involved in this too. Let me know in the comments what you think and which box you’d choose!