Now before y'all go and start thinking that here I am blatantly cheating on my favourite colour in the whole world (black) then fear not I haven't ditched it for the polar opposite! I will always be a lover of an all black outfit however so is the sun, and it's rays spot it a mile off and burn deep into the outfit until you feel like you're wearing an outfit of fire. Slight exaggeration maybe but you know what I mean. 

So with that in mind I decided to try out wearing white because why the hell not!? I'm sure by now I've made it known that I don't follow so called 'fashion rules' so will wear bright colours, stripes and white or variations of if I want to!

It was these trainers that started me off on this white crusade. You may have seen over on Instagram that I went to the opening party for the first ever Foot Asylum Ladies store right here in Leeds! As well as ice cream on reception, candy floss and prosecco, we were also treated to a pair of trainers of our choice. Now big footed ole' me is at a disadvantage right there as sports companies rarely make ladies trainers in a size 9 (sometimes you'll find a 8.5 and it will be joy!) It's frustrating but true. So these Puma Basket's (£64.99)* were my choice as they ran up to an 8 and are pretty generous as they are an EUR 42. I'd recommend them for a wide fit too, as because the extra wide laces don't function as well as a normal one they're reliant more on the elastic that holds the tongue so a lot of stretch around the top of the foot. They are super patent and remind me of a pair I had in the late nineties and I love them.

I also fell in love with the Reebok Local Heroes fluffy trainers too (and they're only £39.99 now!) as they were so nineties as well and if I could get them in an 8 I would.

We all know I am not that sporty and ath leisure hasn't been something I've embraced much but I have become slightly partial to a trainer this year it seems, but I like to pretty them up as that's just my style. I figured this amazing skirt from Simply Be (£30) would do just that. It's a mock wrap skirt with zip back but the clever part is that it has elasticated sides. Slightly reminiscent of a boys school trouser I put that thought aside and embraced the comfiest fitted skirt I've ever worn. Paired with a white River island Vest top and my Evans Denim jacket I was good to go and the trainers actually brought a casual vibe to the skirt that I liked, and it made it perfect for

exploring Matlock on our afternoon out.

The elasticated sides meant I could easily eat this amazing freakshake without getting uncomfortable win win. 

The white foray has now got me ordering lots of white things now so keep your eyes peeled for more. Let me know if you're loving white clothes right now in the comments below!