This was originally going to be about things to do in Sheffield however I’ve ended up talking about some great eateries already and my Sheffield visit was cut short so I only ended up going to see Kano live at Plug (which is a very good live music venue and club!) so now I’m just going to talk about my fun evening playing adventure golf with my mates! 

For those that know Sheffield, Paradise Island Adventure Golf is on Valley Centertainment Park (near the arena/Meadowhall) which means it’s quite accessible and next to the cinema and lots of food places too! The only downside to this is that if there’s something happening at the arena it is a pain to park. So when we rocked up and saw lots of kids and parents plus glowing headbands and other paraphernalia we knew we’d chosen a bad night- it was the X Factor tour! So we drove around the car park for twenty minutes and eventually got a space by stalking the exit of the cinema and asking a couple where they were parked! Safe to say after that stress I needed some fun!

And that it was! We chose the easier route of the 2 courses that are available at the adventure golf, our one started on the ground floor then led upstairs above the boat and was across the top level and back down. I absolutely love crazy golf and didn’t even know this place was there until I was invited to try it out!*  


 We were lead from the ship wreck up to the tropical island where the jungle was full of Mayan ruins, it then lead into the cannibal camp where monkeys were popping up everywhere including in a big cooking pot ! We then were lead back down to where the ‘jade palace’ was which was a big Buddha guarded by some of the Terracotta Army. As per most crazy adventure golf places there were 18 holes in total, some of which had interactive sounds and moving statues as we wound our way through the course. 

There was also my favourite parrot who greeted you at the top of the stairs who said ‘Welcome to the Beach Party’ however his trill parrot accent made it sound slightly not like beach, (a bit more like beetch) as Mr E pointed out so every time he said it we thought he was talking rude! Snigger. Of course that is our filthy minds and I’m sure he’s more than family friendly!!    

  I came third out of four and made everyone laugh on the 19th fun hole , where in crazy/ adventure golf tradition you get to try to win something- in this case a free game pass- when my ball kept on bouncing back to me, I actually thought I was never going to do it! Like I said we did have a laugh and at £27 for a group of four (or £7.50 each) I’d recommend it for an alternative thing to do one evening. We combined it with a five guys trip where we all grabbed a shake and did some colouring – I felt like a kid again for a bit! Loved it. 

*invited free of charge to review, all thoughts, views and photos are my own (and Mr E’s)