I was originally planning to wear my twenties tabard with a longer tube skirt underneath for this black tie event but thanks to the late night stop off at McDonald’s and an argument with their salsa it wasn’t to be! Again ASOS came to the rescue though. I trawled the site for maxi dresses which were nice enough for a black tie do.There were some big bargains including my dress choice from Little Mistress Curvy–  It was just £18 reduced from £50- bargain! 

 It’s a bright burgundy/fuscia/purple colour which I thought looked quite wintery on site but I think would look good in summer too now I’ve seen the colour in real life. It’s classed as berry and is probably a brighter raspberry colour. It’s a decent length on me, usually  I struggle with getting it long enough but with heels it was a good length, or course if you’re a little smaller than me it would still be a good length just a little longer. 

The back is Elasticated which means it can accommodate a larger bust (or smaller too) and it still looks fitted and pulls in at the waist. 

I had an hour to get ready after getting home from work, so not long! I pulled out the gunmetal colour of the beading across the shoulder and at the waist with my accessories. I went for some old bangles and my  Wiliam Tempest River Island Design Forum Bag (finally!) I got so many comments on it however it still remained impractical as it didn’t hold my lip pencils or my phone (Shout Out to Mr E’s tux pockets for helping me out!) I added my comfy Simply Be Platform sandals as they were just the right height for the dress, I was going to go lower and wear the Vivs again but they cut my feet at the Ladbrokes Gatsby night so thought better of it! 

I went for a berry lip- this time using a mix of lipsticks plus my Tarte Brown Eyeliner as shading in the corners of my lips. It was perfect! The black tie event was held in a prep school in the main old building which had lots of Harry Potter esq corridors for photos so Mr E took a few quick shots on my phone before we went off to enjoy the night. 

I would definitely buy another Little Mistress Curvy Dress as this was so easy to wear and looked good on (at least I think so!) let me know if you’re a fan!