Au Revoir Underwire! 

There are many things that 2020 brought us, a lot of it bad, but if there’s one thing it’s given me is the freedom to finally say goodbye to the underwire and hello to wireless bras! I don’t know about you but the wire in bras has to be the most uncomfy part of it all for me! Especially in ones that don’t quite fit right and the dig-in is real. Those that get a slight increase in size during certain times of the month will deffo feel this pain I know!

lucy in a light blue spotty bra sat on a bed with a cardigan on

I’d played around with a couple of wireless bras and bralettes before but nothing had really cut the mustard when it came to supporting my boobs. So I kept going back to that underwired life. And don’t get me wrong I still do if the dress needs it or I just want to make that bit of an effort! However, the daily underwire had to stop. It was about week 2 of working from home and I’d had enough of it. People insisting I go on video zoom calls meaning no bra wasn’t an option really, for those that can I salute you!

So I started the search again in earnest to find something with some support but mainly, comfort. In my quest, I’ve found some right gems so I thought I’d provide this round up of all the ones I’ve found and stuck with throughout all the lockdowns. Plus some I won’t be without when I do finally go back to ‘normal life’ whatever that will look like! 

The Best Padded Wireless Bras

George Wireless Bras

My biggest thing is I like to have a padded bra usually. Doesn’t have to be massively padded but just a t-shirt bra style padding to give shape really. Also, I don’t want people knowing my house is cold on a zoom if you get my drift! So for those like me, these wireless bras from George at Asda are the best. I have loads of colourways and they are supportive enough to leave the house in, but comfy enough not to. At £7 each I got them in all the colours I could….They keep launching new ones but be quick as they sell fast! To help with sizing I wear XXL for my 40E Boobs. They have a standard hook and eye back and adjustable straps so you can really get some support out of them I find. New leopard print design here: George Leopard Wireless bra £7 Plus a three-pack for £20 here: Seamfree three-pack wireless bras £20.

5 wireless padded bras in different colours

Aerie Crop Bralette

For those wanting a more crop top style this one from the Aerie brand at ASOS is great. It’s slightly flattening though as the material is very constricting almost like shapewear, ribbed type material. So that combined with its pull-on style meant I have pulled my shoulder putting it on before now! It’s comfy once on though. It holds in place and provides some lift once you’ve got your boobs in position. I’d also wear it as a wire-free alternative to a sports bra for light exercise too as mine don’t go anywhere in it! I can’t find it on ASOS now but they are available from the American Eagle Site for £26.95. (Plus £5.95 shipping.) They also had 40% off when I went on site making them a bargain of £16.17 each. I’m wearing the XL here which is the largest size and I’d say it’s a comfy 18. 

Asos Lacy Padded Bralette

I also got this lacy triangle padded longline bra from ASOS. it was £16 and is now out of stock but worth looking on-site for similar things. This is another over the head style but much stretchier. However, the padding just sits on top of my boobs. Looks great peeking out of this knitted lounge top and all that but does naff all for the boobs really! I had to hoist them in for these pics but as you then go about daily business it starts to move and support less. Bonus points for this one because the husband likes it but there are better lace bralettes out there for us fuller bust gals.

asos lacy padded bra

The Best and Worst Non-Padded Wireless Bras

I tend to find non-padded options to be a lot more available in wireless bra’s so have amassed quite the collection of these too!

Asos Curve Seamfree Bralet

Best by far are the ASOS Curve Supportive Recycled Seamfree Bralets. After seeing Danie Vanier talk about them some time ago and saying they were amazing they’d been on my list to try. They lift to some extent, support and comfort levels are fab. If you prefer padded you could always add loose pads underneath. They have a hook and eye back and adjustable straps so you can adjust to lift some more. At £12 and made from recycled materials it’s a win-win all around. Choose your usual dress size’s and pick the size yours sits within. As they come in 18-20, 22-24 and 26-28 sizing. I did find the black version to be slightly tighter than the other two not sure if it’s a one-off! The only downside to these ones is I find they aren’t that low cut so often peek out.

three bras in black white and taupe

Asos Curve Triangle Bralette

Then I also got absolutely the most non-supportive bralettes ever from ASOS curve too. However, they are cute. Perfect for Strappy dresses if you need a little lift. But let’s be honest not much else. They have such a thin back meant I found the strap would roll into my back fat and dig in sometimes. Eek. I wanted to still include them. One for a quick wear for a couple of hours but not one to spend all day in. The three-pack includes this beautiful peachy colour and a white and black. They are back in stock now and there’s a similar style here.

two of the three bras in peach and black

H&M Crop Top

Last and probably least are something you may have had in your teenage underwear drawer back in the day! The cotton crop top £9.99 for 3 from H&M. This lilac colour came with a blush pink and light grey and they also do an all-black 3 pack. These have the least support I find and really I’m not sure why I bother to wear them! As they are a pull over the head affair and don’t have any adjustability they just kinda sit there covering the essentials. One for someone who needs to wear something but also wants to ditch anything uncomfy.

Phew! That’s everything! let me know if you try any or if you have any of these! I’m still on the lookout for more so if you find any you think need adding then let me know!

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