Zig Zag Nails Tutorial


Since I posted this image of my holiday pedi I’ve had lots of queries on how I achieved the chevron nail art.

It’s simply about the chevron vinyls! I used them today to create a love abstract zig zag for my Manicure Monday , and this is how..
I chose my new Kiko shade as my base colour, gorgeous!

I then used a make up sponge to layer a peach and yellow polish on the top two thirds of my nails to create an ombré look.

It’s important to ensure the base is dry before adding the vinyls. I got mine from Vinyl Boutique .

I wanted a haphazard look so placed the vinyls at different angles, each nail used 1 vinyl as I have short nails I could cut one in half for each nail.


Then I used black polish to paint over, 2 coats and then left it to dry for a little while, the trick is that it’s not so soft it loses shape when you remove the vinyl but not so dry that it’s hard to remove it and the shape is lost.

Voila! As you can see I actually took some off my nails and painted them plain, I found that the design was a little too strong for work so pared it down a bit!

So chevron or zig zag nails, yes or no for this summer?