These thoughts have been brewing for a while, then when I won the I Am Style award at the Evans I Am Me awards a few weeks ago and it brought it home even more to me: isn’t it nice to have lovely friends? And not necessarily see everyday tied at the hip best friends, but lovely work colleagues past and present, blogging friends, old friends from uni/work/school/college and basically anyone who gives two shits about you. Oh and family too of course! (And or course Luke, my sole mate!) 

I was overwhelmed with congratulations messages, people who made time out of their day to tweet, message and say congrats to me and that is such a lovely feeling! At the actual event too, I got loads of hugs (Hollie gives the best,long hugs if you ever need one- seek her out!!) high fives and cheers to celebrate and just generally lovely comments to me. It meant so much to me. The other winners were also so lovely and it was a pleasure to spend the day , night and next morning in their company- it really was. 

Aside from my longer term oldest friends and family, most of my closer cheerleaders have all come from meeting through blogging and I don’t actually know where I’d be without them! It’s so nice to have a group of gals who are on a similar wavelength who you can turn to when things aren’t going well, or when things are going fabulously and you know they’ll be there cheering you on! It was so hard not telling most of them about the award let me tell you! There’s a few other babes missing out of here but that’s because I don’t have any recent photos of us- this needs to change asap please! You know who you are!  

Now this isn’t all roses as there are of course still people that just can’t be happy for others and although it can be natural to be envious of others and compare yourself , it can sometimes be more toxic than that and actually lead to more do a jealousy or, maybe they are just girls who can’t bloody be happy for people? Who knows. Let’s just say often gut instincts can be right, and those people don’t go unnoticed but I will not let them grind me down- and if you have these toxic people around you get rid, or just avoid them which is what I’ll be doing from now on- I don’t have enough time for my real friends never mind to spend on negative Nellies. 
That aside though, if you’re a positive and nice person then I’ve got you! I would say I’d be there to call but I do hate phone calls, so I’ll be there on the end of a DM, text or meet up, and in extreme circumstances I will speak on the phone haha, I’ll always listen with an open mind, and give you my life experiences to help you though the tough times. Oh and if I don’t have experiences I’ll just sympathise and buy you chocolate! There’s been some fave celebratory moments in my friends lives though and to see all this happening to such lovely people is just so fabulous, from engagements, new babies, award nominations and much much more it’s been fantastic to share with them all. I do think as you go through life it can be hard to find genuine people who care about you and I’m so glad to have found some beautiful people inside and out!

Hopefully this ramble goes down well, let me know if you’d like more brain dump pieces like this!