Winter Nights In with*

Am I the only one that goes into partial hibernation when winter starts to rear it’s cold, wet and windy head?
The last few Saturday nights have involved furry blankets, X- Factor and pyjamas, oh I do know how to live the high life!
We’ve also resorted to a weekly takeaway too as it means we can really chill out! ( or warm up as the case may be). As we started to exhaust options of takeaway I was contacted by informing me of their service- it was fate! They gave me a voucher* to spend on site and this is what we ordered….


It was really easy to order- I actually tasked Mr E with the job as I was busy taking photos as usual!
You just go onto enter your postcode and it brings up a list of all takeaways that deliver in your area.
It lists by food type and by restaurant, deals appear down the left hand side as do people’s ratings of different places. It’s really handy as it can really help you choose between multiple takeaways that are in the area.
We chose Delicia Pizza in Retford and they didn’t disappoint, we paid online (no need for cash!yay!) and they delivered within 45mins. The delivery person was one of the owners so we got chatting to him at the front door.
He said he uses the service and how easy he finds it as his end which was great (he didn’t know we were doing a review he just stated to chat about it!) which is nice to hear too.
I’d definitely use it again and I’ll definitely be getting onion rings from Delicia Pizza again! Look how huge they are!




*voucher provided by As always all views are my own.