Ad|Press Event and Discount. Press event with eShores and have been given a discounted trip with Traveleyes. I’ve recently realised that I’m very much a Europe traveller and don’t venture much outside of it. I hadn’t visited the states after age 13 until last year when I ticked off Vegas and New York. Then the furthest east I’ve been is to Cyprus. That’s like half the world I’ve never seen! So in a bid to look to rectify this, I’ve been looking into trips that make the most out of the jet lag that I inevitably get it seems/ Whilst allowing me to explore more to help catch up. It seems that Multi-Centre Holidays could be just the right thing for me!

Growing up I kinda felt that you either loved America or you loved Australia, not both! I think it was because at the time my cousins were off exploring and whilst some stuck firmly to the states the others went down under again and again. It’s Strange but I’ve never really fancied visiting Australia and I’ve always considered myself more of an American lover! That’s not to say if I had the opportunity to go to Australia that I wouldn’t! As let’s be honest it looks beautiful and I’m always drooling over it on Live with Elle’s Instagram! However, if it’s a choice between them then America wins for me.

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America Multi-Centre Holidays

My travel plans involve visiting more of America and what better way to explore a few places than with a Multi-Centre holiday!? I was invited to Leeds to an event with eShores to find out more about their American Multi-Centre Holidays and it got me super excited.

lush cokctails lined up

The focus of the event was their Vegas, San Fran and LA multi-centre which I am here for.. Themed around San Fran cocktails and LA food followed by a magician representing Vegas it was a fun-filled night! During cocktails, courtesy of Mix & Twist I caught up with loads of fab people whilst sipping on my fave – the Californian Ginjito made with gin, Mint, Apple Juice, Lime, Sugar & Soda. As I was staying in Leeds that night I got to try all of the ones on offer to come to that conclusion of course!

the starter from bears pantry

Once cocktails were done we were lead upstairs for our LA inspired feast prepared by Bears Pantry. Our table was by far the rowdiest IMO as it was me, Violet, Ashton, Michelle, Tina and Amy. We all enjoyed the various courses and my fave was the chicken served on maple syrup sage biscuits. All the noms. Whilst we ate and afterwards Sebastian Walton the magician entertained us by turning my cards into Perspex, giving Violet a foam penis and telling a story of a night out using a pack of cards.

Looking at the itinerary for the trip it’s got me longing to go back to the Grand Canyon and eat alll the fooood in Las Vegas. As well as exploring all that LA and San Fransisco have to offer. I also quite fancy the Miami and New York one or the Vegas, Yosemite and San Fran which is similar to a trip my in-laws did and loved. The best bit is that eShores can help you tailor the trip to you. It includes flights etc too so everything is organised. You also get one of their team of 19 dedicated to you and your booking (and future bookings!) Which takes a lot of the hassle away I would expect. If this sounds up your street you can use code “USA/LeedsEvent” for a massive £100 off your booking!

Multi-Centre Thailand Holidays

It was around a similar time of hearing about the eShores event that I booked to go to Thailand with Traveleyes. There will be more on that to come but in 3 weeks time, I will be out in Chiang Mai on our first stop with our group! We also visit Phuket so we can experience two parts of Thailand that both offer very different experiences. Which is what a Multi-Centre holiday offers above a standard one I suppose. Traveleyes don’t necessarily focus on multi-centre holidays but a lot of their trips focus on visiting more than one destination. There are some fab ones you can book on now too. China, Russia river cruise and the new year river cruise are all calling to me!

Their main ethos is in the name though, they specialise in travel for blind and sighted travellers. Giving blind travellers the freedom to book on trips. Plus giving sighted travellers the chance to experience the trip more vividly by guiding and explaining what we see to our companion. I really can’t wait for it!

I think Multi-Centre holidays for further-flung destinations might just be perfect for me! Is it something you’ve ever considered?

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