I fell for the trap. I fell for pretty packaging and natural shades and allll the pretty. And do you blame me? I was determined to resist buying anything from the new Too Faced Natural Love Collection but when they had free UK shipping I decided to treat myself to the Too Faced Natural Love Eye Shadow collection on release day. They use a company called Borderfree which means all taxes etc are charged at the checkout so there’s no nasty handling fees to pay when you answer the door to the postie. So with the shipping aspect of this being free it meant I only paid an additional £12.66 in taxes, making this palette £64.66. So not cheap I know but waaaay better than having to pay an extra £20+ on top for postage! 

If you can wait to get it, it’s due out in the UK in mid April with Debenhams and it will also be worth checking Selfridges for it too I’d suggest.(I saw the 25th April being cited but always worth checking nearer the time) and I’d expect it to be around the price on the US website which is £52. 
Anyways enough talk of money let’s talk about the palette. It contains 30 shades of eyeshadow all at 0.8g each (to compare the Sweet Peach shadows are slightly larger at 0.95g each) you’re still getting more for your extra £13 as it has a total of 24g vs just over 17g on the Sweet Peach. Shade wise, some are in their other natural palettes both current and old, and have appeared in some LE and Holiday edition collections too. Where I can find them I’ve noted them below. 

Row One (top row from wrist to elbow) 

  • Heaven – Matte /Light Beige/Warm – Natural Eyes Palette /Natural Matte Palette/ 2014 Holidays Everything Nice LE Palette
  • Lace Teddy – Matte/Blush Pink/Warm -Natural Matte Palette 
  • Pink Cheeks – Pearl/Glitter/ Light Pink/ -Warm Naked Eye Palette 
  • Poodle – Pearl/Light Pink/Cool
  • Spotlight – Matte/ Light Tan/ Warm -Natural at Night Palette 
  • Fairy Tale – Sparkle/ Gold/ Warm
  • Satin Sheets – Frost/Pink/Warm – Boudoir Eyes Palette/ Naked Eye Palette/ 2015 Holidays Grand Palais Palette/Chocolate Bon Bon Palette 
  • Kittens – Frost/Lilac Pink/Cool
  • Cutie Patootie- Frost/Metallic/Peach/Warm
  • Honey Butter – Matte/Tan/Warm-Natural Matte Palette

Row Two (middle row from wrist to elbow) 

  • Nudie – Matte/Taupe/Warm – Natural Eyes Palette and Natural Matte Palette 
  • Push-Up – Frost/Brown(red based I’d say)/Warm- Natural Eyes Palette 
  • Bunny Nose – Frost-PINK- Warm
  • Dear Diary Metallic/ Mid Gold Brown/ Warm 
  • Honeymoon Frost/ Coral/Warm (not to be confused with previous gold tone honeymoon shade) 
  • Tickle Me – Frost/Taupe Brown/Warm 
  • Honey Pot – Metallic/Gold/Warm- Natural Eyes Palette /2014 Holidays Everything Nice LE Palette/ 2015 Holidays Petite Maison Palette 
  • Moonbeam-Metallic/Gold/Warm 
  • Coffee Date – Frost/brown/warm
  • Hot & Bothered – Pearl/Copper Brown/ Warm

Row Three (bottom row from wrist to elbow) 

  • Don’t Settle – Frost /Brown/Warm – 2014 Holidays Everything Nice LE Palette/ 2015 Holidays Petite Maison Palette  
  • Chocolate Martini – Satin/Glitter/ Dark Brown/Warm- Natural Eyes Palette 
  • Love Bug- Metallic/Plum/Warm
  • Spoiled- Frost/ Brown/ Warm
  • Makeup & Chill- Matte/Dark Brown/Warm- Power of Makeup LE Palette 
  • Fingers Crossed- Satin/Frost/ Dark Brown/Warm
  • Undercover Glitter/ Brown with Purple Glitter/Warm
  • Smokin’ – Sparkle/Glitter/Brown/Warm
  • Night Fever – Glitter Satin/ Brown with Gold Glitter/Warm- Natural at Night Palette
  • Stiletto Matte/Black/Cool -Naked Eye Palette/Le Grand Palais 2015 Xmas LE Palette 

Phew!! And I had to swatch them all too so the rows I’ve mentioned above represent the swatch rows here. If you want to know my five fave shades then head over to She Might Be in the next few days as I’ve picked out my faves for them!

 I am a fan of the more metallic shades though and the lighter ones as always float my boat a little more than the real dark shades. Some of the mattes don’t impress me with colour pay off but the metallics and frosts do win things for me.

For £52 it’s a lot to spend but if you’re a naturals fan then it would make a nice treat or if you’re eyeshadow obsessed like me then go for it too! It has less gimmicks about it then the more recent Too Faced collabs and what not,  but I like the pretty simplicity of this and I will certainly be reaching for it for an everyday look.