How nice has the last week or so been? We’ve seen the first sunny and warm days of the year which have really helped to brighten people’s moods and got me so excited for the seasons ahead. When I drove to London last Thursday I was in a super good mood as it was such a lovely hot day (I was later less so enthused when I was boiling hot traipsing around the tubebut we will forget that) I was also even happier as I just been gifted these beautiful prescription sunglasses from CrossEyes Leeds.*  I have been after some prescription mirrored sunglasses for well over a year now so you can imagine how excited I was. 

I got the full CrossEyes Leeds experience when I went, and It goes without saying these opticians aren’t all about the sunglasses and it’s a very small part of what they do, but knowing I’ve got so many travels impending and needing a prescription to actually see the sights I knew I had to have a pair.

Tomas and Hafiya are the business owners of this branch and are a lovely couple. We had an at length chat all the times I popped in, and the space is so welcoming (and completely #InteriorGoals) it’s such a contrast to the usual high street opticians feeling you get sitting on a plastic chair waiting to be seen by someone who probably doesn’t even tell you their name before starting. 

I used the online booking system, which, being allergic to actually speaking on the phone was perfect for me! I then had an obligatory reminder which is also perfect for the very disorganised me, and I made it with 5 mins to spare. It’s pretty much opposite one of the train station exits (Neville street one next to the Indian)  in Leeds so it’s really easy to get to, and for me it’s only a five min walk, so I didn’t really have an excuse for lateness so had to be on time. 

The eye exam was actually the most thorough I had, I won’t bore you, but overall I learnt more about my eyes than I ever have before, the time taken to explain things and really test all aspects was really worthwhile , and I came away with some eye drops as my tear film isn’t that great!! Before this I just thought a tear film was like The Time Travellers Wife (always gets me!) or something. 

I struggled to choose a frame I loved as there were so many, all can be made into sunnies but of course some lend themselves a little more than others. I love a high coverage lens so the sun can’t peak in as I am such a squinter so need all the protection I can get. I’ll leave you with some of my faves below, there were so many amazing Danish designed frames in the store in so many colour ways too, it was a tough choice! 

 I also had the task of picking a lens I liked, I was drawn to the rose gold shade (just looks at allll the colours though!) and it went so well with the grey Perspex aviators I went for them as the frame. I also feel I should say you can get a more ‘normal’ tint on sunglasses if you prefer but it’s just so rare to find a mirror lens I was literally jumping up and down when I saw them. The other good thing is the price. It’s all clear and transparent the writings on the wall quite literally (I didn’t get a pic but it covers one wall of the space) so you know what price you will pay, it also includes the eye test within that too. For £145 for some unusual, well designed glasses I think that’s really reasonable, and when you contrast the brand against some more high end brands that charge the earth for on trend designs. 

I’m still quite tempted by these hexagonal glasses though as they are so unusual, I’m thinking I may need to go back for them. They were so light so would be perfect for wearing all the time and for long drives which I’ve started to notice my glasses giving me nose ache (is that a thing!?- it’s like on the bridge going across my sinuses) when I’ve worn them for a long time. I also like how all CrossEyes glasses aren’t sold as some designer spin off and they focus on style rather than a branded element on the side of them. You’ll probably see from most my glasses I do prefer that to being able to say (or people seeing)  I’m wearing XX brand glasses, I just want the style of them to do the talking. I do need to make my mind up soon in these though as once a style has sold out in the limited frames they aren’t restocked the same. This allows for a fast turnaround on styles and trends that other mainstream opticians don’t offer which I like too. 

I’ve been wearing my sunglasses non stop since I got them, and I’m so happy with the colour choices I made. I think they looks fab with this River Island Top I picked up in the sale and a blossom background, and with my George cold shoulder dress in the afternoon shade matching my Barry M lippy to the tones of the lens. 


I blooming love them and they are all prepped and ready for my upcoming Paris trip in 4 weeks. Cannot.Wait. Let me know what you think below and if I should get the hexagon glasses or go for a more safe style!?