As always I love to pt up my Christmas tree, our false one is now on year seven and still going strong and I’m glad because once it breaks for good I am gonna be gutted as I can’t find one anywhere that’s as nice!

This years theme is the same as last as I like to keep in with my lounge decor, so it’s copper, monochrome and grey themed with the odd sentimental bauble for good measure. Of course I can’t resist buying new decs as what else is there to do at Christmas? So have managed to squeeze a few new editions on.

First up is what myself, Lucinda and Faith called Hedwig. A beaut of an owl from John Lewis (£8) although Paperchase have got an identical one for £7.50 – never knowingly undersold JL!? Hmmmmm. He’s so pretty he was worth the extra 50p and he got prime spot on the tree this year!

Keeping with the Harry Potter theme we picked up this ticket for the Hogwarts Express (£10) when we visited the Warner Brothers Studio Tour as Luke’s surprise Christmas Pressie (more on that coming soon!) and so it’s been hung near Hedwig to carry on the theme!

Finally my last newbie is a door, you may remember last years post where I talked about how we have the door on the tree for each year and this year I got this written one from the market at Fox Valley in Stocksbridge, Sheffield (£8.99) , we have a similar one from 2015 but it’s a slightly different design, I do think finding one in 2018 is gonna be even harder as no where seems to be making them anymore!

We added extra lights this year too, and kept with the copper wire lights to add extra sparkle! Now we’ve overloaded the tree we plugged them into a remote controlled plug so we can switch them on with a remote, but I’d much prefer a Smart Home System * like this as I could do it with my phone, as I keep forgetting to turn them off! I actually saw someone say they left theirs on all night which horrified me as I’d be too paranoid to do that- would you!?

Finally the best kind of bauble contains a present and this one from Nails Inc (£12) is hung at the bottom ready to open on Christmas Eve- I say that as I’ll want to paint my nails in advance of the big day! I got it from Missguided but it’s also on their site and most places that sell the brand.

What I want to know is how do you decorate your tree? Are you fussy about colours, or do you prioritise sentimental things? Or is it a mix like mine?

*indicates collaborative post, as always all words and opinions are my own!