You’ll have seen me on about this dress already no doubt but it truly is dreamy! I took the plunge when I had an ASOS discount of 10% and got it in the Tall version which went up to a size 20 (which I went for due to its non stretchy nature). It’s made from real suede in the most lush burgundy colour. I paired it with my over the knee boots as it just allows that flash of thigh or more if the poppers on the dress pop open! Which, did happen before I went out in it, so no yoga poses or basically bending down in this allowed for me for risk of a popping out literally! Of course as its suede its a specialist leather dry clean affair to clean it so I am nervous about wearing it to eat out in! 

Luckily it’s first outing was to go to The Maven bar in Leeds. I’ve been there before in its early days as Mr E took some photos of the bar area. They have a nice private function room too however I was put off by what was going on in there (who am I to judge but watching Victorian Porn isn’t really my thing!!-if you want the details ask me sometime!) Luckily the event was in the main bar which is filled with character including a warthog head that Mr E wanted for our lounge.   


We went along to try out a new Cider on the block , Blind Pig Cider. I wasn’t driving home for once which meant I got to try all 3 flavours out which had been poured over ice and garnished to turn them into a long cocktail kind of drink. My favourite was the Rum & Poached Pear over mint and lime as it provided that mojito kinda feeling with the rum,mint and lime flavours. Mr E liked the Whiskey, Honey and Apple one which was served with orange and apple slices and a glaze of honey to bring out the flavours.   

I love how the bottles are disguised with a newspaper which ties in with the whole Speakeasy theme of the brand, and of The Maven very well.

There was also yummy food based on the 3 flavours made by Bears Pantry , the Blind Pig Cider Bourbon & Blueberry flavour marshmallows were my ultimate favourite, they just melted in my mouth and were combined with sweet cider puffs and dark chocolate. It was so good! 

 The best bit (well, maybe I exaggerate there but it was a bonus ) was I didn’t spill anything on my wonderful dress so it lives to see another day without an expensive dry clean in the middle! I must say I’m now becoming wary about where I wear it next, which I have slight regret for it being real suede rather than faux. Ah well! 

Thanks to SLS Social for the invite to the safe suede event and for some of the photos in this post.