The Shacket of Dreams

Just when we thought the word Tregging (Trousers meet Leggings) couldn’t be surpassed the fashion world brought us Shacket. The ideal terminology for the is it a shirt is it a jacket? Question that’s often posed over certain items. My pink silky zip Blouse is exactly that and today’s outfit offering is another perfect example. I wore it to the recent opening of Homesense in Leeds (it’s on the Headrow next to TK Maxx for the people that have asked!) and straight away I got a compliment ‘ I love your shirt, or is it a jacket? Anyways I like it’. See the Shacket is straight in there.

As the term hasn’t really solidified itself into jegging territory it still means retailers have to describe it as one or the other so here we have the River Island Khaki Emboidered Army Jacket £42 
I’d got RI vouchers to spend for Christmas- because who do you know that loves River Island more than I!? Exactly. What I didn’t know is that you can’t spend them online (RI the year is 2017 please sort this out ASAP!) so I was struggling as the plus range isn’t available near me (not even in Meadowhall! Never mind Leeds) I even made sure I went to the Oxford street branch when we went to London but still nothing caught my eye. So i had to resort to the core range. This is very crap for those that can’t do that I appreciate. I spied this and another top that’s coming soon and they are both generous for their size. Luckily so in this case as I couldn’t turn down this embroidery! 

I wear it mainly as a jacket, but I have worn it with a Cami top just not buttoned up- mainly because it won’t as it is a littttle small. 

Ive found some similar alternatives too- this is another RI one but RI Plus  here but does have less embroidery, and this Boohoo Plus one is very affordable and is actually classed as a Shacket!! Also I can’t not mention this one from Matalan as it’s verrrry similar and goes from a 8-20. 
I’m loving the slight military vibes being given toned down with the florals of the embroidery. I’ve worn it loads and it perfect from spring as a lighter weight way to keep the chill away. What’s your go to piece this month? Do you own a shacket?!