Now it may seem a little late in the day (read summer) to be talking sun cream however I know a lot of props taking advantage of the drop in prices as the kids go back to school, and I very gratefully have another holiday to come! (To quote Faith- you seem like you’ve been on constant holiday I don’t know what to ask you about first!) my final hurrah is a week in Menorca with mum and dad in law, bro and sis in law and of course Mr bargain thanks to cheap flights and a paid for villa thanks to my second parents! 

 Plus sun cream starts to get reduced to clear around now as it makes way for dare I say it more Festive health and beauty, so it just might be time to stock up for the year ahead. (Just remember the guidance on how long to keep suncream for and when it stops being effective) 

I’ve constantly been on the hunt for some decent sun care all summer long, mainly for Mr E, he literally tried everything going. A quick thanks to everyone for their Twitter help on this subject as it was a nightmare trying to find a decent suncare that didn’t make Mr E’s skin react (if I tell you he spent the last 4 days of our honeymoon in an all over body rash plus swelling and resembled one of the 3 chipmunks you can understand why it’s so necessary!) As you know we had a less than great experience with the Lush Sunblock, but after being given the Sesame Suntan to try out at the Sheffield City Girls Event found that its the only thing that doesn’t make him come out in a rash. I then had to rush to Lush a couple of days before Mexico to get some larger sizes so we didn’t run out. I cleverly filled the smaller bottle for the beach bag as those 250ml bottles are pretty heavy!

 I also saw the Powdered Sunshine whilst I was there and thought as I was going to Barcelona with carry on only I thought I could try it out too. It’s different and again does protect with no irritation but can be blown away with the wind when applying! I also found when I used it in Barca that it did make me feel a bit dusty, if that makes any kind of sense?! It also got on my suede shoes and left a kind of white deodorant mark on them and then stuck to the inside of the shoes too (TMI but it was so hot that day I think the sweat plus the powder went into a bit of dry paste- bleurgh). I favoured it more on the beach holiday and for carrying around on trips as its super light so doesn’t weigh down when walking around with it either. 

My main suncream for me is this Piz Buin Wet Skin one, I love it, it goes on quickly, requires little to no rubbing in, and protects really well. I used this towards the end of the holiday as its a low SPF and used a Eucerin SPF 50 spray which I won from Temporary Secretary’s blog before I went away. It’s just as nice, a great dry oil which is so simple to apply and works. I also won the face cream I used too, again it didn’t irritate my skin or dermatitis and protected my face.I ordered the LIB Glamour Summer Edit box in the hope I would get one of these in it as my Eucerin sun cream pick and I got the spray agin which made me very happy as it will be going to Menorca with me now!

I also used my trusty No7 lip balm that I showed in my travel post and also the Caudalie travel size grape water spray from Allertons to refresh me whilst I’m sunbathing, I loved it and used it everywhere whenever I felt sticky or sweaty. TMI again?- sorry!

I’ve just bought the Eucerin tinted sun creme for face for Menorca and I’m looking forward to giving that a go too, Mr E meanwhile will be in the shade with his frequently applied SPF10 – more suggestions on higher SPF sun creams welcome below!