I was sent the Magnitone Lucid*  through The Bloggers Love Hub. I’d been looking at trying a cleansing brush as I’ve been stepping up my skincare this year and was getting a bit fed up with using a Muslin cloth with my cleanser. I liked how I could use my current cleansers with the Lucid and started using it as soon as it arrived! 

The Lucid comes in 4 colours, as you can probably see mines the ‘Dazzling’ Blue option. The Lucid is the travel size facial brush in the Magnitone family. It’s fully waterproof so I started using it in the shower (until one unfortunate sleepy morning where my cleanser ran into my mouth -bleurgh!) so I now use it over the sink morning and night for a minute cycle at both times of day. Beware though if you do this as it does tend to spray slightly as the brush oscillates against the wet skin. 

For each minute use it beeps 3 times, in 20 second intervals . The first 20 should be forehead, the next 20 secs is cheeks and the last chin and nose. Pretty simple to follow especially for be at 5.30am when I’m half asleep! 

The Lucid has 2 settings, I used the first setting to start with and it worked really well, but my dermatitis started to dry out and itch more (as essentially it was exfoliating my dry skin) so switched to the sensitive one of the 2 settings which was just right. It’s actually starting to stop my skin shedding through the day like it usually does in those areas. 

 As the Lucid is a completely sealed unit (which is why it’s waterproof) it doesn’t have a hole to charge it up, so instead it comes with this little magnetic people which clings to the bottom of the handle and can then be charged, I’ve only had to charge it once and I’m told a full charge lasts about 2 weeks, so no need to take the charger on holidays which is great. 

 Now apart from my sebborhhaic dermatitis (shedding skin around my nose,eyebrows and all my scalp) my skin looks in pretty good condition (especially for my age I think) So I haven’t really noticed anything drastically different after the 7 day try out with the Lucid. I also haven’t seen any negative effects either, I haven’t had any breakouts , which I’ve seen some people have as the brush starts to cleanse thoroughly when the skin hasn’t been used to it. 

I have noticed the skin on my cheeks , forehead and nose feel smoother and a few pores have unblocked too, but they have been tiny noticeable differences for me. I’m going to keep at it for sure as for a minute out of my morning and evening it’s worth it and definitely preferred to my cloths and cleanser I was using before. 

I’d love to hear your cleansing faves and if you use a blessing brush or not. If you don’t and have been looking to try Magnitone out I have 20% off code -just use Lucy20 at the checkout (you can thank me later!)