I’m trying my best to do Breton Stripe Nails. I thought I’d start this time with a white base (my favourite white Polish- OPI Alpine Snow) and add blue stripes using my new WAH London nail pen (remember in my Birchbox Post where I said I’d hoped for the Navy one but this may do?) well it didn’t. 

The striper did not let me down, (my tired hands did a little but that’s another story!) WAH are the best striper I’ve found yet. However the colour has just made my nails look like Andy Pandy’s PJ’s or the Aquafresh Kids PJ’s! Not the classy Breton Stripe I was hoping for. 

Darn it! 

 I’m still rocking them. Let’s see how long they last. To cheer myself up I’m also going to buy the navy pen now with my Birchbox points. 

And for reference if your not as old as me (quite likely!) heres Andy and the Aquafresh Kid (Images not my own!) 


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