As the title suggests, I visited Paris in the Spring, it’s notorious for being super pretty at that time of year and it was in some parts but in all truth it didn’t capture my heart. I can’t put my finger on why though. It wasn’t from lack of trying though. On our last day there we had a morning to explore, I was (and still am!) wisteria obsessed so I searched on good old google ‘Paris Wisteria’ and came across a beautiful photo of ashop  front covered in the stuff so off we went to go discover it.

It was a pretty misty day and we wandered over and found the shop, after the bin lorry had moved away I captured it, as did the Hub (and his is better!)It was slightly disappointing as it only had a few flowers on it, but it was very quaint and I started to think I could love Paris, we wandered further down, spotting this amaizng cat net curtain #NetGoals and found this cute place to take some photos of my explorers outfit for that day.

I’d popped on this Simply Be Printed Velvet Cross Back Body*(£27). I’ve loved it since I got the mailer through the post with it on, it’s a light velvet material, and a gorgeous Floral print. It’s pretty comfy and fit even my extraordinarily long body, but the bottom is plain cream which did slightly peek above my jeans as I moved around the day as you can slightly see at the back, unless you’re blessed with a long torso I wouldn’t worry about that, and it didn’t look terrible anyways. You could always go a size bigger which would help avoid this, and it would still fit due to the lace up back.

I paired it with my staple Simply Be Jacket* (£60) as featured here that was my saviour on the trip. The light pink really went well with the top and my new Gold Pearl Reebok Classics(£65) (I last wore a pair of reebok classics in 1999 and am loving them ) actually made it look pretty casual. They were also so comfy for walking around in.

As I’ve said the body suit has a lace up back,  and I’m not one for ditching a bra so I popped a nude one on and tried to match the tie section so it went over it to minimise it showing (it didn’t work so much) if I was wearing it at night then I’d pop on a backless extender but for the day I didn’t fancy that discomfort! I’m wearing a size 20 here, if you did have a larger size it can be tightened at the back if needed but overall it’s true to size.

After that pit stop we went and explored Notre Dame , we didn’t have time to go inside unfortunately, as we had to rush of to Laduree to get a macaron fix. It’s another Paris must so and we spent out remaining euros on two patisseries and a water in their restaurant section. It was rather special and the cakes were pretty decent to say the least. I could eat that lemon meringue for dayyyyyys. As we walked I did keep stopping to take photos and they do look pretty, so I’m thinking if we’d maybe gone off the beaten track a little more then we may have found more places to love, of course it means there’s an excuse to go back (with a EuroDisney trip too I feel) to do just that.

Have you been to Paris before and if so what’s your favourite part?