So as quite a few of my friends and fellow bloggers have said to me recently – you really do like cocktails don’t you!? Of course I blooming do! You can save your G&T for the next woman as I am all about having multiple spirits mixed in glorious ways, so who better to chat about my favourite five that I’ve found whilst out and about in Leeds? Also for those not in Leeds or surrounding area, there’s quite a few picks from regional bars so you’ll be able to grab one at your local branch!

1. Mans Market- Hong Kong Island Tea

If there’s a cocktail I ever crave it’s this one. Not only does it’s quirky Oyster Pail container give it a 10/10 for aesthetics it’s taste and potency are unrivalled! A mix of Vodka, Gin, Rum, Jasmine and Lemonade,  it’s truly lovely and a great twist on the Long Island Iced Tea. I haven’t come across this anywhere else , but if you have let me know won’t you!?

2. All Bar One- French Martini

The French Martini is my fave cocktail. Ever since I made this beauty I’ve been hooked on them. I still haven’t found one as nice as the All Bar One version, and I’m thinking it could be due to the addition of Ciroc Pineapple Vodka whereas most bars and recipes just use plain vodka. Other ingredients are Chambord and Pineapple Juice. Here’s 31 Dover’s guide to making an original one. Also sorry for the messy as hell photo but this is what happens when I make a cocktail.

3. Be At One Bar – Irish Disco Biscuit

The best blended cocktail by far. Basically an alcoholic milkshake that had Luke yearning for chocolate milkshakes for weeks and weeks after. This one is made with Oreo’s and Vanilla Ice Cream with the alcohol coming from Baileys and Creme de Menthe. See how to make one here. I always have one when I go and now the new Leeds branch has opened on Boar Lane it’s fab as it’s super close to work too! If mint isn’t your thing then their Popster cocktails  are very similar but made with popcorn and butterscotch schnapps.

4. The Alchemist – Bubble Bath

If you’ve ever been to an Alchemist bar then you’ll have seen these dry ice wonders around, an instagrammers dream and once the dry ice stops the cocktail is super sweet and lovely. On my last visit every person at the bar had one or were asking for something with dry ice in, so although quite the gimmick it does also have substance as well as form. Something I didn’t know until I’ve just researched that it has Aperol in it! Its combined with Gin and Chambord plus Apple and Lemon to give it that unusual taste.

5. Revolution – It’s a Rum Ting

Last but not least!! Originally I was going to feature Revolution de Cuba and their Ruby Punch but it’s no longer on the menu. Gutted. So this one took its place to represent the Revolution group of bars. I chose this on my sis in Laws hen do because I blooming love Ting and I love how it’s popularity has risen as it was so underrated before! It also has Wray and Nephews Rum loved by my fave Shakka and one of the strongest rums on the block. It’s also got Sailor Jerry’s and Cointreau alongside passion fruit and lime, topped with raspberry and mint. The only downside is that they have to pour some of the Ting out before they can make it- what a waste!

Now I’m really craving a cocktail! Sorry if you are too. And share with me your favourite cocktail won’t you? I’m sure I’ve missed loads and may have to write a top twenty sometime soon!