We were invited to try the new menu at Revolution in Sheffield and looking at some of their burgers I knew I had to go and try them out! The invite extended to 3 friends so myself and Mr E double dated with Georgina and Alfie for a lovely sunny Sunday lunch there. It’s been a while since I was in the Sheffield branch and it’s been redecorated since I last visited and It’s got amazing floor tiles which I want for my hall way! 

The choice on the menu is pretty good, I’m informed the pizzas are nice but I was craving the mother of all burgers – The Mother Plucker. It’s easier to say what wasn’t in this burger but as I know you want to know here it goes: 

Beef burger, corn battered chicken, smoked cheddar, bacon, sweet potato fries, crispy onions, spicy chorizo sauce, smokinnaise and a side of BBQ fries and Caulislaw. 

 See what I mean!? I went for salad instead of the fries as I figured I’d have a big enough job eating the burger. It needs a steak knife to keep it all together for goodness sake! 

And my was it tasty! The mayonnaise gave the burger an amazing flavour, the beef patty was juicy, the chicken crispy yet moist and the fries tasted amazing with the onions. Not being a fan of full on heat I did scrape off most of the chorizo sauce- if you like a kick keep it on though! And the Caulislaw was so different. I ate all mine and Mr E’s as you know how much I like my cauliflower. It was slightly strange as it was so chunky I didn’t eat it with my burger like I would coleslaw, I ate it separately. Had I have had chips it may have been different but it was nice on its own anyway! 

I paired it with a rather strange drink to go alongside it: the Bubblegum Daiquiri blended cocktail. I saved the flying saucers that came in it for after my burger! It tasted just like bubblegum and was nice and refreshing for the sunny day it was. I can’t wait to have one on a summers day! 

 Both Mr E and Alfie chose burgers too, Mr E had the Brooklyn Chicken, he especially loved the fried pickles that are on it! Alfie had the Frazzle Roq, which surprisingly has frazzled and Roquefort cheese on it! That plus bacon and bacon sauce makes it very bacony. Apparently the blue geese oozing out is the best bit, I can assure you I didn’t find it the best bit to look at when I was eating- I hate blue cheese! 

 Georgina broke the mould and had the half roast chicken, it was nice and did what it said on the tin, no gimmicks just tasty food! 

Talking of gimmicks I actually really want to try the burger with wotsits in it! Because why not?! I’m thinking of popping in on lunch on Tuesday 26th April when their usual 2-4-1 burger deal is free 12pm-6pm! I mean free burgers! Why not!? Either that or I’m going to go on a Monday when all food is 50% off, I figure what better way to reward myself for getting through Monday and for doing yoga at the crack of dawn?!!

We also decided to treat ourselves to dessert. Myself and Mr E went for the salted caramel chocolate fondue sharer, the chocolate was salty as described but I didn’t find it over bearing, the cinnamon dough sticks were perfect to dip in it and the fruit and marshmallows were delicious mixed with the chocolate. Georgina had the chocoberry sundae and Alfie had the baked cheesecake which they said were both lush. I also finished my trio of blended drinks with the salted caramel mudshake as I thought it would tie in nicely with the fondue although it wasn’t quite chocolatey enough for me, the cream was meant to have chocolate sauce on top but just came with a dusting of cocoa powder, so I made it a little more chocolatey by sneaking a bit of the fondue in it! 

We were treated to our main courses and a drink each but we treated ourselves to the rest! Because GG had a revolution card though (yes they are still going!) we got 25% off the rest of our food which was a fab saving for a £3 card. It also gives you 50% off food on Wednesdays so worth buying one if there’s a few of you eating as you’ll save instantly!    



 Afterwards I did a few cheeky outfit shots in front of this stencilled graffiti art that I liked. I was wearing a new George cold shoulder top which came with the necklace I’m wearing too, which I got in the sale last week, black trousers from George that I picked up at the same time and my embroidered bomber jacket from New Look. I added my fave River Island lace up suede sandals and my new DVF cork bag from The Outnet. I’d been eyeing up a cork makeup bag so when I saw this handbag I had to have it. It has lovely little flecks of gold in the cork and a cross body chain strap. The back has the little DVF logo quite discreetly in the middle. It just fits my iPhone in and my Sony Bluetooth lens and lippie so is the perfect tiny compact size and I can’t wait to use it on holiday! The top was the perfect fit for going out for the biggest burger I’ve ever eaten in my life as its quite loose fitting, I don’t think I usually suit a cold shoulder but I think the flared sleeve shape balances out the cold shoulder quite well, and gives a lovely silhouette. 

After all that fun and feeling rather stuffed, We popped in a store near to Revolution Sheffieldwhere they had big flamingo’s (£120!) so he bought me a more affordable sloth- if you follow me on snapchat (lucyeloves) you might have seen him dancing around!! Overall It was a really lovely Sunday and as they say great food and great company! (And sloths and flamingos!)