Firstly what IS Blog at the Beach? It’s a bi-annual event held by which gathers bloggers and influencers together to mingle, and learn – there’s usually three speakers presenting on various topics relative to blogging and content creation.

Secondly yes I am an introvert, some may not know, most that have met me I’d like to think do know. It’s been quite a while since I went to an event and didn’t really know anyone, and considering how big this event was I was surprised to know this!

Outfit Details

  • Sandals – Old Evans
  • Skirt £12.50 George at Asda
  • Lobster Clutch Bag £12.99 Pull & Bear
  • T shirt – £4 Primark (Spring Season but I have spotted a similar one now but green)
  • Earrings THE H&M ones

For me I love to be on my own, and need that, so when faced with big groups of people I can be quite hesitant to get stuck in or speak much , especially if I’m surrounded by extroverts! Not knowing many people and those I did were with their friends was the biggest sticking point, so how was I going to get around it? I also am TERRIBLE at recognising people that I’ve met, never mind those who I’ve only met on the Internet. So what to do!?

Well I just put myself out there, created what I felt was a funny tweet (lols) to find out who was going that I knew, Internet-knew or didn’t know at all. And I said I’m crap at recognising people- so said to bear with and come say hey to me! It helped the event had its #blogatthebeach which meant I could stalk that and see who was coming and what they were wearing (how 1990’s phone stalker does that sound? But I digress).

When I rocked up on my own I saw Jess and started chatting to her who was with Lucy who I didn’t know, this helped as it helped me feel at ease and luckily as I sat with them it meant we could do the group participation that Sophie had instore for us as part of her talk.

I then got collared in the loo by Nishi who luckily can recognise people and knew me from Instagram! And of course the lovely Sarah was there to chat to too who I know had managed to meet up with a few of the attendees before hand for food. All of these plus Char, Lauren, Sharon and many more who I managed to basically just bombard into their conversations and get chatting to. It also helped we had festival lanyards with out names/handles on so they could always be peeked at if you didn’t know someone! I watched the football with Han who I complemented on her Primark Dress which started us chatting (I’m still looking for that fab striped number in my size!) and with Sophie who had already presented her fabulous talk and couldn’t believe it when we won!

So essentially when stuck in a similar situation I’m recommending these 5 quick tips:

1. Be Honest- say how you feel- your reservations and people will respond with kindness!

2. Follow the attendees – make a note of people attending and what they are wearing to help with recognising them

3. Use the hashtag- let people know you are going to be there!

4. Compliment!- if I don’t know someone and I like something they are wearing then I’ll tell them! This usually starts a conversation quite easily and spreads some love too

5. Find your Voice- don’t let the extroverts grind you down and make sure you say what you want to when you want to!

So what did all this lead to? Amazing talks from Vix , Sabrina and Sophie on personal brand and the rise of video content, brilliant football and food, giant beach ball pit, pass the suitcase and giant beer pong (which I left just before it started) plus lots of laughs! So thank you for not only putting on a fab event but for helping me too!

Tell me below are you and introvert or and extrovert and what upsides and/or downsides have you come across and conquered?