How Watching Love Island Can Help Your Career!

I’d never watched Love Island until a couple of weeks ago, and I must say upon first watching I was not impressed. Lots of arguments, preening and of course snogs and what not. (And lack of body diversity but let’s leave that for another day shall we!?)

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I gave it another shot and then was slightly hooked. What was it about the girls and boys on Love Island that drew me in? I always said I didn’t want to waste my time by watching Love Island very night, and when I was telling my work colleagues about what happened at a certain part I realised what we’d noticed people’s tactics and their characteristics which actually made for interesting evaluation! And yes this might be so every morning when I roll into work tired I can say I was improving my career not just watching TV 😂. So here’s the top things that I believe can be applied to your career and work!

1. When Laura made up with Meghan as new guys entered the villa

  • New boys are on their way! Laura- quick let’s make up with Meghan for stealing Wes so she feels guilty and let’s me have my heartbroken first dibs on the new blood
  • Career Application: Let the smaller less important stuff (Wes in this instance) go, so when something that truly matters comes along you can really go for it and you’ll have the upper hand doing so too
  • 2.’The Jack/Georgia Kiss’
    • I’m gonna take my mates boy out on a date and try and plant one on him at the end. Oh I’ve been rejected, so I’ll lie and say he kissed me
      Career Application: You never get away with lying about something. You can try but in the end there’s always someone (or something) that’ll catch you out, so don’t bother. Be honest with people

    3. Idris’ whole being

    • The definition of try hard – schmoozing from one girl to another and generally being desperate, resulted in him getting the boot and not getting picked
    • Career Application: No one likes a try hard or a suck up. So don’t do it. Go after what you want with passion but don’t be an Idris
  • 4. Loyal
    • Need I explain?
      Career Application: just because you say something repeatedly does not make it true. Actions speak louder than words so work on getting recognition for a project or something you’ve achieved instead

    5. Georgia when Josh came back from Casa Amore with a new girl

    • Okay, okay so maybe Georgia was loyal at this point, she’d waited for her love to return into her arms, only for him to walk through the door with another woman. It has to be said the way she took deep breaths and time to compose herself was admirable
    • Career Application: when things don’t go your way, take time to reassess, don’t act straight away. Things will always be clearer in time and learnings can be taken then. Ps work politics suck too so just breathe deeply and carry on!
  • See!? It surely can help with your career right? Based on this I’m off to learn more things about the human race that I can apply to my everyday life- so tell me what’s been your highlight of the show so far?