Unless you’ve been under a rock you can’t have missed the satin skirts trend. For me Topshop lead the way on this and others followed. I’ve felt that it’s quite a non-plus trend, I’ve struggled to find any in sizes over and above an 18, to be honest. Now I’m more than aware that satin is not a to coin an 80’s phrase- ‘forgiving ‘ fabric- WHAT IS THERE TO FORGIVE!? So I’m guessing that this archaic view may be the reason for this.

For me, the bigger issue is showing my pant line because damn those lighter colours show all my ‘non-VPL’ pants VPL! Oh and the snagging! Satin Skirts snags. Try saying that after a few too many Aperol’s. Super bummer. Don’t wear a metal Apple Watch strap like I did the first time I wore one. BIG mistake.

So I’ll start off with a couple of satin skirts I own and wear, and then do a quick round-up of others I’ve found but either not kept (as believe me when I say 5 satin skirts IS enough!) or haven’t tried for the same reason! They are mainly slip style but I’ve also stuck in a non-slip Style variant because it’s gorgeous.

THE Topshop Satin Slip Skirt

Back in 2018 I struggled to get the black version of this- they sent me a size 18 but it was actually more like a 10 as it had been labelled incorrectly. Great but I finally did get my hands on one but I have no photos! What I’d say about the bias cut ones is that they do twist on the bias and so can go quite short when you sit down.

My more recent one from Topshop has slits up the side and isn’t as bias cut. Meaning I wore this in the car for 2 hours in full comfort and then ate a meal in it. Boom. The colour is very reminiscent of a bridesmaid dress I wore in the late ’80s but I love it. I returned the coral version of it though as it was just to close to the bridesmaid bone. This is another issue with satin for those of us old enough to remember when satin bridesmaid dresses were a thing! As the waist is stretchy an 18 fits me and would fit up to a size 20 I would say.

Another Topshop Beaut

Okay so this is the non slip version and how cute is it? I couldn’t not get it- the print is fabulous. It’s the perfect length, gorgeous colour and print and doesn’t show my pants. Result. You can see this is slightly too small for me as I had to get a 16 as the 18 was sold out. It’s still comfy and it’s only if you look closely at the waistband you can see it. It’s sold out a few times now but I’ve found it on the Selfridges website here (£39)

The M & S one on the block

Won’t lie Marks and Spencer were a bit slow with this trend, and it’s not quite satin but a lovely soft touch material. I ordered the browny rusty tan colour (£35) after seeing it once on their Instagram. I ordered my usual size 20 from them and when it arrived I was overjoyed to find it wasn’t too shiny AND it was lined. It was going to be VPL free!

Well, it was but it puckered all down each seam at the sides. I couldn’t figure out exactly why but it was as the lining was trying to separate from the skirt. I also have quite a rectangular (or apple or whatever they define it as) body shape and I think not filling the skirt out at the hips also affected this. Essentially though the colour was amazing but the fit? Not so much. It’s also that bit too big too. I thought I was the only one until it was the online reviews which all say the same. If you look closely you can even see it in the photos. Poor form from M&S.

H&M Elastic Free Bargain

You may remember my pleated skirt post where I essentially said if it ain’t Elastic I don’t entertain it. Well, I broke my own rule with the bargain H&M skirt that did the rounds because at £12.99 I HAD to try it.

I sized up and although a little loose (again at my hips!) the waist and rest of the skirt actually fits and is comfy. They repeated this beaut and made a lovely leopard print version. I managed to resist that one, but I’m keeping my eye out for a spring themed version.

lucy walking down portobello road dressed in a satin snake print skirt, cream jumper and shoes and bag. in the background is a blossom tree and some coloured houses

Nasty Gal Printed Offerings

There’s a few that come in their 4-24 sizes offering (I now notice they’ve just rebranded it as plus size but when you click you can buy all sizes still). My fave version of them all is this pink small leopard print one. £25 (often in the sale at 40-50% off).I ordered it but didn’t keep it. It did fit nice thanks to the elastic waist and would be a lovely spring addition to any wardrobe. I just didn’t need it!

The Best of the Rest

From New Look to River Island and ASOS here’s a quick gallery of some other beauties. Do you think you’ll be adding a satin skirt to your wardrobe or do you already have a fave? If so let me know where yours is from so I can go check it out!

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