I do love to get a bit crafty every now and then, so when I was invited to go and try out one of the new Meadowhall Sessions * (AD| Complimentary Experience) I jumped at the chance.

For those of you that don’t know Meadowhall is a massive shopping centre on the outskirts of Sheffield. It’s been my shopping haven ever since my mum took me there when it first opened back in 1990. I’d like to thank her for supporting my main hobby so much, even when I was only 8 😂.

They’ve recently introduced a Meadowhall Sessions space up on the Park Lane section of the centre. Unsurprisingly this is where all the ‘posher’ shops are! It’s nestled between Whistles, Karen Millen and LK Bennett to name a few. This space cleverly uses one of the gaps in the concourse usually home to a soft comfy chair or two and has made it a perfect place to learn a new skill!

Before getting started I had to refuel after a busy day at work. The handy part about the Meadowhall Sessions is that they are mainly based after the 9to5 grind with time to grab some grub beforehand. I was invited as part of my experience to pop along to Wagamamas * to grab a bite. There are loads of places to eat in the Oasis Foodhall and most are geared up to be quick if you need them to be. Which really is a help when you’re in a rush! The team at Waga’s managed to serve us up two courses within 35 mins, so couldn’t complain at all!

I tried out the fried gyoza, which were lovely and crispy and tasty (i had the duck ones) and I’m already wanting to eat them again just thinking about it. Luke came along for this part (full disclosure, he paid for himself. I did offer!) So he chose Pork Belly Steamed Buns. I was quite sad as I pre-agreed to share with him so had to forgo some of my gyoza to have a bun, which although lovely, weren’t as amazing as the beautiful moreishly crispy duck filled gyoza.

Luke then chose the chicken and prawn Yaki Soba for main which, I didn’t have to share luckily so I got my tonkatsu to myself. This is by far my fave dish there. Needless to say, it’s all I’ve ever had since my first visit so if you have a fave share it with me in the comments so I can actually try something new next time, won’t you!?

So after filling my belly, I was then set to take on my Meadowhall Session- a Terrarium Workshop! You may remember my floral crown crafting so when I saw there was a spot on the Florsity workshops I was in! The amazing Plantology Florists hosted it who have a stall in Meadowhall which I always gasp at. Also, all the materials were included in the £40 cost (as I’ve previously said my experience was gifted though!). For that, we had two succulents, a glass terrarium and all the various soil, sand, moss etc needed to make the terrarium look like a pro had made it. I just needed to bring the flair!

The Plantology team took us through the process and showed us how to put together the terrarium. It’s all based on making sure the plants have enough drainage to keep them alive. And any plant of mine needs all the help it can get let me tell you! It was nice to know how to make it and have support if you got stuck. But still, have the creative freedom to do the fun decorating bit. So from the placement of plants to what was on top of the sand was where we really could experiment with what looked good. some went for shells, other a more desert theme, myself included! so stones, pebbles and a cute cactus ornament handmade by one of the Plantology team were my choices for mine.

The lady next to me went for shells and made it very much beach themed. She’d come along with her daughter who had gone more desert and minimalist. They seemed to be having lots of fun and we’re very chatty. It seemed to be that most had gone in a group or couples, but I didn’t feel put out on my own at all as everyone was very welcoming and chatty.

Overall the experience lasted just over an hour but a lot of the sessions do vary just check when you book. I found it really therapeutic, whether that’s because I was craving something that made me relax or that it just had that effect who knows! What I do know is that I’ve just booked on for the next Plantology session. It’s making a Seasonal Hand Tied bouquet and is £30. Again contains all the materials needed and a step by step tutorial into how to make one. I can’t wait!

There’s loads more Meadowhall Sessions so just click here to explore. I also love the idea of the Calligraphy session, photography, cosmetic making and the arm knitting ones! I could have done with the arm knitting class when I made my chunky throw! Oh and there’s gin and beer ones too. I’ll take the gin, please! Safe to say I will probably return more than once as it’s so handy and easy to park. Plus I get to do a bit of shopping whilst there too- what’s not to love? Is there something you’ve always wanted to make or learn to do?

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