It seems ages ago and in fact it’s only just over thirty days since a received this tailored skincare package from Perricone MD* to trial for this post. I was set a 30 day challenge to see what results they gave me, (and of course to let you all know what I saw too.) I mentioned in my last skincare post that I’d just started to give up face wipes and I’m happy to say I have not gone back to them yet. So that’s about 45 days clean of face wipe usage. They say it takes 66 days to  form a habit so I’m two thirds of the way there- whoooop! There’s an impending trip to Paris that I fear may break this run but just wish me luck.

My skin was therefore in the best shape it had been in for quite some time going into this trial but my eyes were very much neglected and the eyecream I had been using hadn’t been doing a fantastic job. I was looking forward to seeing what I could do to focus on that as the main part of this trial. It was a good job as unbalanced hormones thanks to new medication meant (and still means) that I’ve had a massive breakout across my face and there’s nothing I can do about it until my body settles down. Concealer has been my best friend throughout this (Tarte Shapetape is worth the hype btw).
Now I don’t pertain to be a skincare expert, but, I am slowly learning! I didn’t have to choose anything as it was all picked out for me so here’s what I’ve been using every day in the order shown:

  • Miceller Water (Various Brands mainly Garnier)
  • Perricone MD Blue Plasma
  • Perricone MD Cold Plasma Face*
  • Perricone MD Cold Plasma Eye*
  • Perricone MD Oil Free Hydrating Cream*

Once I’ve used the micellar water as my first cleanse it’s time for my first Perricone product Blue Plasma (£18 for the travel size 59ml). This is a no rinse cleanser, so finishes off my first cleanse nicely mopping up any last bits. I use it with my Body Shop Luxury Flannel and it leaves my skin feeling really soft. It has micro exfoliants, which I don’t notice (hence the micro!) but as my skins left soft after it I would say it works too. It has a number of key ingredients the most interesting being copper which gives it unusual blue colour. It’s quite a thick liquid which means a little goes a long way and this size is about two thirds used after my month’s trial. I got this one as part of my Love Me Beauty March Edit and it’s still on site now if you’re looking to try it out. (Code lucyloves20 still gets you 20% off your first edit +p&p )

The next steps are the Cold Plasma treatments, including my fave product the Cold Plasma Eye. They sandwich themselves between the cleanse and the moisturise and are the product I never really knew I needed. They are classed as cream based serums and aren’t runny like a traditional serum can be, but more of a ‘scoopable’ consistency out of the jar.

The Cold Plasma Eye (£80 for 15ml) targets 6 signs of ageing and this is where I’ve seen the difference , my little crows feet lines I had started to notice have all but gone, and my under Eye area is firmer than before, I can actually see a real difference! Just wait for the before and after photos below!

The Cold Plasma Face (£129 for 30ml) tackles ten signs of ageing including dryness and redness which is what I need it for. It kept up the results I’d seen from my last skincare and didn’t aggravate my sebbhorheic dermatitis as it’s not too rich.

The final step is the Oil Free Hydrating Cream (£45 for 59ml). It’s oil free so again it’s not rich and means it won’t set off my dermatitis which rich creams often can. It’s part of the Pre:Empt series which tackles the first signs of ageing, ideal for my needs right now. My skin does feel more hydrated and plumper from using both the cream and the Plasma together and they all sink in nicely, so no stickiness afterwards which is always a winner.

So here’s my photos of before and after. As my before had my usual heavy eye makeup look I’ve kept that look going but I think you can see a big difference in the outer corners. The left hand side photos were taken within a few days of each other at the start of the trial and the right hand side ones are me now. The lines have all gone from my outer corners, but I still have a couple of deeper lines underneath from far too many late nights!

I haven’t used anything else during this trial so there’s been no face masks (looking forward to having one now!) as I wanted the results to be all from these products. To address the elephant in the room these products aren’t the cheapest, that’s for sure. They also aren’t the most expensive I’ve ever seen, but I would class them as the upper part of high end. I’ve found that using the plasma has made the moisturiser go further so I’ve still got lots left to use I’d say about two thirds of everything left at least. They’d easily last three months if not 4 depending on your useage. I would definitely save to buy the eye plasma again, I’ve really noticed a difference and I’m hoping even my main eye crease will soon start to plump out even more, and I’ll be adding an actual eye cream on top too for double the impact. I’ll let you know how I get on! Moisturiser wise I did very much like it and it’s cruelty free which means I have another option to finally stop me having to resort to my old benefit one. It doesn’t have an SPF in it though so I think I’ll stick to using it in an evening rather than for the day out, especially now we are getting into much sunnier days.

I don’t feel like the cold plasma on my face got a fair trial what with my persistent spots and using it alongside a new moisturiser I can’t determine which is doing what for my skin!  Plus I didn’t have any real visible ageing signs for it to tackle. Win. I’ll be continuing to use it though so will see how I get on. It recommends 8 weeks as a results scale for this one so there’s plenty of time.

I never thought I’d start to think about looking after my skin this much , but I must say I’m enjoying it and my skin is feeling so much better for it! What products do you recommend to keep me off the face wipes as I’m going to need more options!

*products provided for consideration of review. As always thoughts, views and photos are all my own.