Oh how it seems like ages since I hung out in Leeds. Works been so busy recently and it’s been a struggle to do everything and have a social life! But I’m baaaaaaack!  I’d got this brunch at Ox Club* booked in way back which meant I knew I had to keep it in my diary no matter what and after another busy week it was just what I needed. 

It was the sunniest weekend of the year so far and the sun started to peak through the blinds at Ox Club where we were seated, and it felt exciting! The decor of the place is perfect, the macrame plant holders are arranged perfectly and contrast so well against the painted brick work. 

As I’d persuaded Luke to drive me we started the day right with Prosecco, it was very easy to drink and was just right for a brunch pairing. I was joined by some of my lovely pals plus got to meet some new people too! The conversation was flowing just as much as the dishes that just kept on coming along! So without further ado here are the dishes I tried and my thoughts! 

Korean Fried Chicken
– not the first dish when you think brunch I know but this was by far my favourite and quite a few other bloggers fave too. We cleaned up this dish pretty fast I remember someone saying I should be polite and ask if you want the last piece but it’s too good so I’m having it! Haha. It was the right level of spicy and the crispy fried egg gave it a nod towards brunch that went so well alongside the other flavours. 

Flat Iron Steak and Cheddar Eggs
– this one looked fairly unassuming, but I enjoyed it, considering  the steak variety it wasn’t chewy it was cooked how I like it (no pink) and the cheddar scrambled eggs was pretty darn nice paired with the chipotle tomato jam. I wouldn’t recommend it if you like steaks to be any form of rare though, but I enjoyed it and it made it into my top three. 

Cauliflower Shawarma
– considering my last review of Ox Club was alllll about the cauliflower I had high hopes for this. It unfortunately don’t do it for me. It was all too many flavours with the yoghurt really not doing it for me. It looked liked seafood sauce too which I wasn’t a fan of! Once scraped of any sauce the cauli was delicious though. 

Bubble and Squeak
– this was the surprise dish for me. Every mouthful was delicious and had a varied taste, and the gravy we poured on it was just right to top it all off. 

Ricotta Pancakes and Coconut French Toast – We then went into the sweeter offerings neither of which are my bag, I won’t lie. I’ve had the Ricotta Pancakes before and find them too ricottery (is that even a word!). The new addition of the French toast got me excited then I saw the coconut which I hate.  We had it with banana on top which was nice if it didn’t have the desiccated coconut on top, I tried it though! (You can choose between a bacon or banana Top) And the sriracha gave it another strange taste in this case I just want good old French toast with no twists (well banana on top is fine!). If you’re a little more adventurous then go for it as  everyone else seemed to enjoy it a lot! 

Overall there were some fab new dishes on the menu and I’ll be going back for a lovely sunny morning as it was the perfect way to get going for a day’s shopping and socialising! If you’re out and about in Leeds I’d recommend it – Brunch is served from 11-3 on Saturday and 10.30-12.30 on Sundays. Located in Headrow House just off the Headrow be prepared to feel spendy in Homesense after visiting! (Or maybe that’s just me!!). 

*Brunch was provided for review. As always thoughts and words are my own!