Spoiler alert title or what? I love thie Oskia Renaissance Mask. I’ve tried many but none have lived up to this beauty. The hype is very much real. I got a sample of the mask from Latest in Beauty but little did I know that a tiny sample would lead to discovering something amazing but also nearly bankrupting me!

I stupidly shared the sample face mask when we went away back in May with my sis and Mum in law’s- luckily they didn’t all use it as I don’t think I’d have felt the way I do now, had I only ever used it that once (I think I would have thought it a fluke!) I could immediately feel a difference though my skin was softer and more glowy but not a sweaty glowy, a really nice radiance if you will! Cheesy I know but it really was that impactful.

The second time I used the Oskia Renaissance Mask it I was complimented on my skin- have you done something different my friend asked my makeup-free face!? I was sold there and then. I’m not going to regurgitate everything it says on the Oskia website but it’s meant to gently resurface and give radiance to the skin and it does that for sure!

Oskia Renaissance mask

It’s thick pink texture should be massaged into clean dry skin until it turns white (it’s then activated!) leave on for 10-20 mins then wet slightly and massage again for the second activation before rinsing off. I left mine on for 20 mins and it worked great on my skin, it didn’t irritate my seborrhoeic dermatitis I which a lot of exfoliants can do so I’d recommend trying the Oskia Renaissance Mask even if you have sensitive skin, but maybe leave if for a shorter time at first and build it up if necessary.
Finally a little goes a long way which at £51 (just over a pound a ml) it’s not cheap! Although I’ve seen if you sign up to Oskia’s newsletter you get a £10 off code to spend on site. Also Look Fantastic and a lot of the other beauty sites often have 15-20% off site-wide and stock it. I got mine with 20% off from Look Fantastic which made it a little less eye watering and a nice payday treat! Tell me in the comments – have you ever tried the Oskia Renaissance Mask? Or do you have another fave face mask!?