You know when you just fall in love with something and HAVE to have it? Well that’s what happened with today’s dress. I saw it on Josie’s (FashionMumblr) Instagram stories and thought it would be a Zara special or maybe a designer dress, so when she said it was from good ole’ Dotty P’s I hotfooted it straight to the website to stalk it down. It took some finding, even typing in oriental dress and just midi dress didn’t find it, so after searching Google for it I eventually found the link there. It goes right from a size 6 to size 22, but bad news as it’s smaller cut around the bust they recommend us bigger bosomed ladies size up. So my size 18/20 body needed the size 22. Sad times for those of you with big boobs above a 20, I’ll continue to search out similar ones and tag them when I find them for you though as that’s super frustrating! 
Also it’s not that great if you’re short, it’s very much a midi length on me, with only a little bit of my legs peeking out! I’m actually debating shortening it a little bit as I think I may like it more with flats if it shows off a bit more of my legs.

Anyways the good points- the PRINT I mean have you seen it!? I soon as I saw the cranes it was love. 

The cut falbeit not the best for a bigger bust)- I still really like the cut as it’s just that little bit different to a bog standard skater and has that vintage feel to it. I also love how the zip doesn’t go all the way up to the top and so shows a bit of back. It also means it’s more comfy as the material has no stretch to it (another downside potentially). However the material doesn’t crease! I’m hoping it’s a non-ironer too – bonus. If you’re thinking the positives outweighs the negatives then you can find it here for £45 be quick though as with Vogue and Look Magazine singing it’s praises it won’t be around long. 

I can’t wait to wear it more formally too, I’m thinking bare legs and a pair of amazing khaki velvet boots I picked up in the River Island sale would be just perfect for a meal out, outfit rather than a full day outfit like I’m wearing here. Needless to say though it was comfy enough to withstand a jam packed 12 hours in the capital and two train rides so it served me well. 

What’s your thoughts on oriental print? I love this as it’s in a nice black background- always a fave!