So my days of wondering if I’ll get a kiss at midnight are long gone (nearly ten years with Luke now!) so I know I’ll be getting a peck at midnight (I would say maybe a snog but he’s midst growing a beard and IT IS HORRIBLE). So unless he shaves it off I might not need to worry about if my lippy will transfer onto him! 

Buuuut I live in everlasting hope that whilst I’m out at work on NYE day #PrayforLucy – that he may just shave off the offending stubble. In which case I may just need an everlasting lipstick to see me through the night. So far I’ve only found two types that I like and that last. 

First up are the Kylie Matte Liquid Lipsticks. I’ve only ever bought the minis or the special edition kits of these so haven’t tried their matching lip liners yet. I’ve been pairing them with my fave lip liners in my collection. I do love the mini’s that are brought in for special collections though as they are the perfect handbag size for nights out (and days out to be honest) and have a smaller applicator which are perfect for my thin top lip! These were the first liquid matte lip I found that lasted, so to me are well worth the price tag plus customs (and that darn Royal Mail £8 handling charge!!!). Im wearing shade Kristen in the below photo for those wanting to know. 

Recently I was sent a couple of the Rimmel Provocalips Liquid Lipsticks* as a little Christmas pressie from them and I tried out the shade 420 Berry Seductive for our friends Christmas meal out. I applied the colour waited a minute and then applied the top coat which seals it with a semi glossy finish and it’s claimed to last 16 hours. Well it lasted a 5 course meal, kisses of children’s foreheads and cheeks and a couple of kisses with Mr E and was still going strong 4 hours later as shown in the photo of me! It had got more Matte though but I liked that fact. It’s safe to say it didn’t come off until I took makeup remover to it later that night! I was very impressed for a mere £6.99 (plus buy one get one half price at Boots at the moment!) I’m now looking at some of the nude shades too now too. Oops. 

I really can’t believe it’s took me until 2016 to find some decent lip colours that last but I’m so glad I finally have! Tell me which others you’ve found and live in the comments- or if you have tried Kylie or Provocalips which your fave shades are so I can check them out!