Nail Art Weekly Project – Week 5

I can’t believe I’m in the final week of the Nail Art Weekly Project! Thanks to Danni for hosting the project!

You may have noticed my lack of posts this week, I’ve been rushing around as my littlest fur baby hasn’t been very well , she woke up last Friday and was completely blind the poor mite.Shes been back and forth to the vets and we’ve all been pretty upset here, however she has got her sight back (but is definitely deaf which we knew) and is on meds now. She’s getting better each day so after a tough week I can finally start getting some posts together!

The theme this week was Glitz and Glam, and I wasn’t really feeling in a glittery mood, so decided to go holo!


I used an old Claire’s Polish in a mink holo, and Nails Inc Galaxy Polish in Knightsbridge Road (£12) and OPI polish in Live and Let Die
The OPI has a lovely shimmer in it, and the galaxy is a great mixed glitter. I really liked them together and I think the studs bring the colour mix together.



I know it’s not uber glitter so here’s a few last manis with uber glitter and diamantes!