So.. Not everyone has a room dedicated to nail polish do they? I think I’m pretty lucky!! My spare room or the ‘Ebay room’ as it’s been called as it housed lots of stuff that needed Ebaying (self explanatory really I suppose!)

As my Nail Polish collection grew it became pretty difficult to track what I’d got and where it was- leading to quite a few dupes from different brands. I’d invested in some acrylic storage but it literally held 30 polishes so it wasn’t enough! I then had the bright idea to ask my dad to make me some shelves. As a retired joiner I don’t know why I hadn’t thought to ask him before!This man made most of our houses furniture when I was growing up, he should easily manage some small scale shelves. And that he did!

The first version actually bowed under the weight, so these are the new improved versions, which have a back on them and sturdier wood frame and shelves than the original.


I decided that as half of my collection is Nails Inc Nail Polish I would have one set of shelves just for those, ordered by colour, and the other set would have other brands on, again by colour so if I want a green polish I just scan across the same shelf on both units!



Then I used the older unit which is on the next wall, which had also been re-modified , to house my base and top coats, glitters and caviars.


I then added my cuticle oils, remover pens and nail pens into my acrylic storage and the Nails Inc Diary box. Older polishes have gone into the plastic 3 drawer unit and I’ve got a vanity case under the desk with studs, glitter pots and brushes.


And there it all is!
I also did a quick inventory so here’s a few stats!
398 coloured nail polishes consisting of:
147 Nails Inc
18 Nails Inc Mini’s
233 Brand Polishes (24 OPI)
51 Nail Art Pens
23 Clear Top Coats
And More!

So how do you store your nail polish or beauty items? Share them with me below x