Firstly thanks to everyone for the lovely comments on last weeks post!
This weeks challenge from Danni at Gingerbread Smiles was this :
TV or film
Pick your favourite TV program or film and create a nail art that illustrates this!

I thought about this a lot, I love TV but wasn’t too sure about what to do. It was during a recent shopping trip on a quest for pastel coloured items, when I briefed Mr E that ‘I wanted to look like a my little pony had thrown up on me’ that I suddenly had the idea!
So loosely based on the 80’s TV show I knew and loved I present to you
My Little Pony Nails

To say this was a challenge is an understatement. I use polish for all my designs,not paint , so blending can be more difficult as can painting tiny details on my slim nails but I have it a good go!
I made a mood board photos courtesy of EBay,of all the ponies and sets I had as a child and collected lots of nail varnishes I thought would help create the ultimate pastel pony mani.

Ciate, Loop the Loop and Glitterball
Morgan Taylor, La Dolce Vita
China Glaze, Re-Fresh Mint
Morgan Taylor, PS I Love You
Models Own, Northern Lights, Hypergel in White Light and Indian Ocean

I then painted away!
On my left hand I painted 2 ponies, 1 unicorn style, I have a pastel fade with flowers based on a ponies narking, a rainbow and a glitter explosion!
On my right I have a honeysuckle patterns, 2 glitters, a bow and a pastel fade with an ice cream painted on it.




I think these will get a few comments this week! What TV programme would you choose to paint on your nails?!
Have I made you want to revisit your youth?!